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I feel like I should be cracking dirty baseball puns when I post about #HomeRun tbh. @HeidiJoVT
#Need 📚💕
"A nice blend of warmth, down-home goodness, humor and romance." -- @RT_Magazine on #WickedCowboyCharm by…
Call it female intuition or hormones, but something deep inside is telling me that things with Cooper are going to…
RT @KirstyEMoseley: They look so pretty side by side! 😍😍😍 @ForeverRomance @lblaUK
… I want this and I want it with him. #HomeRun | @HeidiJoVT
When you’re drooling over @BuzzFeed's THE HOT LIST and you spot @HeidiJoVT & @the_parkerswift.…
ONE BLIZZARD, ONE BUNKHOUSE, AND A WHOLE LOTTA TROUBLE . . . #WickedCowboyCharm | #CarolynBrown | 1/31
I don’t care that I’ve only known her for a week. I want to be with her. #HomeRun | @HeidiJoVT
Story of my life #bookwormproblems
Seeing Ainsley in a baseball jersey that bears my name, a shirt I picked out for her, turns me on. #HomeRun |…
Big congrats to our awesome authors on the @goodreads Top 100 Romance Novels list! ❤️
“Cooper already has two strikes against him. Forgive the pun, but it’s true." #IDoLoveAGoodPun #HomeRun @HeidiJoVT
Popping in this #TreatYoShelfTues to add #HomeRun by @HeidiJoVT to your tbr!
RT @HopeRamsay: The latest Hope Ramsay's Weekly News! Thanks to @ForeverRomance @dianalaynebooks #amreading #romance
“You’re teasing me,” I tell him, reaching for him to come closer. #HomeRun | @HeidiJoVT | 1/17
I take in his tempting, attractive physique from his broad chest to his devilishly handsome face. The stare off we’…
Then, that kiss. A girl could get used to that… #HookedOnTrouble | @KellySiskind

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