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@C_amillionaire 😤 😤 😤 have you finished the book yet, Camille?
@pauisucks Photoshop CS3 For Dummies is yours ( Just DM your preferred delivery address :)
@pauisucks we will make it happen Pauline! Which one do you want? CS6?
So what's this #Heartbleed bug all about? Why should you be worried? (Heartbleed For Dummies)
Yoga For Dummies, Fitness For Dummies, Weight Training For Dummies... only $5.99 at the @iBooks store right now.
@staybloomin enjoying it so far Aless? Which chapter are you up to? :)
@GMac_13 do you have some tips you want to share on that topic then Griffin?
@sighklaine @cooofer sounds like a good book. What would chapter 1 be?
@RicoBambinoo finished it yet Dereck?!
@burgerbecky sounds dangerous...
@D_onna24 You need? I'll give. Just DM your preferred delivery address. You just had to ask :p
@PraetorJustine Hey, don't throw that...! That took me ages to write! :(
@ArathanDisfat We've got you covered for stage 2 Naed! >>>
@katelyn_rains Only if you're rekindling the romance Katelyn :p
@floydbanking Well, as you mentioned it... :)
1 million retweets and we will write it... #jedimaster
Master the basic chords on your #BassGuitar with this For Dummies cheat sheet
Everything you need to know about running a bar
Create 2D blueprint design layouts of your projects, virtually furnish them, and see the results in 3D (iOS app)
Lay out, decorate, visit, and above all -- do it! The 'Home Design 3D for Dummies' app (#iOS @Anumani)

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