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How to make a #Christmas pudding @ForDummies
Meet Jacob. Our 17 yr old author of #Minecraft for Dummies. His story is both humbling & inspirational
RT @musicandwords: This is elevenses, now my first author copies are here. :-) More on the new edition here: http://…
#Christmas dinner on a budget @ForDummies
@BradClaypool Here? (nice shot, where is it?)
@CharmedQT Not quite.. BUT we do have an auto repair book that will help you perfectly care for your car!
@sneakykelbs2 Well since you mentioned it...
@PM_of_DPR Ah that's a shame... Maybe Putin could read this instead
@Shukezz Its a certainly a nice part of the world
@moggystyle @Independent This would be a good starting point
@ContractTemps @NoRedBraces and merry christmas to you too :)
@Chvchie_ Maybe this will help?
@SleepingXandra You'll be glad you did! Good luck!
The PERFECT stocking filler for any #Minecraft fan! Look no further than your local @SamsClub for a great deal
@el_picardo We've been thinking about doing that for a long time....but then something else comes up.
@ContractTemps @NoRedBraces Wow... they're actually pretty terrifying
@Shukezz Yes that's another theory since he was a local.... so does that make the Black Country Mordor?
@lucidillusions_ ha ha sadly not.. but we definitely all need a partner in crime! :-)
@colbypalacio Ta da! May be this will help you with ye olde english!

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