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@feliciugh We DID write the book!
@feliciugh glad to hear it! Good luck putting your new skills to use ;)
@lydiarosesteph It's your lucky day!
@waddown_CHARLIE ask and you shall receive ;)
@feliciugh We don't have that exact title...but you could try this!
Awesome @musclebrain101! Sounds like it's really working for you...already tweeting like an expert! And... ;)
You go @Joanraser77! Glad we can help!
#Barbie and Ken... this one's for you
@ladyviking22 For you or your son? Either way, hope it helps :-)
@RelUnrelated who would you recommend?
@_ballitbeauty Awesome - is it helpful?
@Goldiloc_ yes - we have guitar for dummies.. Let us know if you learn to play :-)
@ChhoeunVichika :-) Hope it's helpful?
@ThatDude_Pedro :-) And do you get the answers you need?
@TimWUnderwood do you mean this? :-)
@officialOsh Such a great choice of instrument to learn - hope it helps :-)
@SarahJSymonds Hmm not yet.. but we do have if you're looking to hit the industry!
@Acoustical_ That's great to hear!! Good luck with your exam :-)
@Angela0901Nick since you mentioned it :)
@rhiafay We're sure you'll get the hang of it soon.. promise! Here's a cheat sheet for some extra help too :-)

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