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Impress your friends with your vast basketball knowledge while watching the #Sweet16 games with our quick guide!
@awalt08 That's great! Good luck with the adoption process!
@awalt08 Glad we could be of help! Hope your greyhound is doing well!
Struggling to get enough zzz's at night? Mindfulness can help you drift off:
@UrsTruly_Lynn We've got it here! Good luck on your test!
Hey @onedirection, here's a little sage advice from us to you: #breakupsfordummies
@M_Pflozen 58 Dummies books?! Looks like someone's gunning for the #1 fan spot! Hope you got some good ones!
@SumiDesai Yes it does! American football & soccer.. whichever you need!
@suehenped We can help you there! Here's our cheat sheet to get you started :-)
@Crackedbat00 Well we are always here to help on any topic you need! Hope you enjoy your books :-)
@ozstephedwards We have Djing & Logic Pro X cheat sheets to start with- will these help you?!
@D3bussy We have loads of free cheat sheets online to help get you started if it helps ..
@DakotaNummer Yay! So glad to be of help.. good luck with your test, we'll be with you all the way! :-)
@Lper95 But we do! Justdepends what decisions you are looking to make..
@Aronnax1 Hope it's helping :-) You'll be fluent in no time!!
@Befazzzz Thanks for being a great fan! So glad it's useful.. if you ever need help with any subject you know where we are :-)
@jomarshall2 So are we!! :-)
RT @jomarshall2: Been #writing my online content for my new #book, 'Managing Anxiety With #mindfulness @ForDummies which is out very soon!…
RT @lordlancaster: My bestselling 'Small Business Marketing @ForDummies' book is currently on sale 4 just £9.34 (RRP £16.99) on Amazon http…
@erika_linton Always here if you need us :-)

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