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Answer 1 simple @ForDummies question (here: to win a #foldingbike (via @bookdepository)
RT @HRowlsnest: Dr. Stein author of "Emotional Intelligence for Dummies" is speaking abt EQ skills critical 2 job success #HCIevents http:/…
RT: @S0PHISTE "You'll be speaking Spanish quicker than a rooster can say cock-a-doodle-doo" πŸ” @ForDummies
RT @MrGuitarTheory: Here’s a great review of my book, #Guitar Theory @ForDummies (which was released last year) from Amazon UK 9/3: https:/…
@MrGuitarTheory great review!! 🎸 🎸 Thanks for writing such an awesome book Desi!
@iMohitpahwa glad to hear you are enjoying it Mohit! Are you reading the latest edition? (
@realpoisonpen next best thing...? (
@CarterDylan1995 how about this?? 🎢 🎧
@CarterDylan1995 what a great question!! πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
@brigittagemes very sorry to see this Brigitta! Would you mind sending us a direct message to confirm when you purchased this title.
RT if you need this in your life... #TelekinesisWizard
@dario006 good luck with the revision πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ
@dario006 There's also a bundle version!
@dario006 The 'workbook' is theory with HUNDREDS of practice problems to help you improve. Much more hands on.
@dario006 Hey Dario. Algebra @ForDummies is more in-depth theory with some practice questions. Covers almost everything.
RT @GDforEmployers: Our Employer Branding For Dummies book is walking the green carpet in preparation for #GDSummit. Are you ready? http://…
@jonginpkb We'll buy it for you!! :) Just DM your preferred delivery address. Happy reading!
RT @LisaSabinWilson: Learning how to boat the RIGHT way cc: @ForDummies @williamsba
RT @ImSuperking: @ForDummies This is my most fav book. Actually all the dummies books are my fav. Thanks for making everything easy. http:/…

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