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Joe Cole doesn't get his wish for No 10 shirt at Liverpool #fb
Fergie thinks it was the weight of expectation on Rooney that did for him. Wasn't it the weight of his arse? #fb
Totally FREE World Cup bets. No deposits required. £1,000 jackpot - only four players contesting it at the moment!!!
Germany then. It’s actually 2 world wars and FOUR world cups, before anyone thinks about airing the age-old chant. #fb
Quick show of hands please. Who would rather see their country win the World Cup than see their club team win the league next season? #fb
Bendtner has scored the same number of goals in South Africa as the entire England team - scary stuff! #fb
Jermain Defoe has 41 England caps but has never played 90 minutes. Is this an England record? #fb
@OptaJoe Wayne Rooney is the most tackled player (22) at the #WorldCup
Wembley pitch versus the pitches in South Africa e.g. Polokwane (Argies vs Greeks)? Wembley should watch and learn. Congratulations SA #fb
RT @timlovejoy: FATV Exclusive - Gareth Barry Interview - #worldcup
Still, another #footingo - 9, 15 and 20 your three shirt numbers. #fb
Enter Henry for the French. Go on son, just the five goals needed
Malouda on for France, with Chelsea teammate Anelka sent home. So Le Scab and Le Sulk playing together for the Blues next season then... #fb
#Italy to progress to #WorldCup round of 16 with another draw? #fb
Six goalscoring shirt numbers. And whadya know? We have our first Footingo Squaddie winner! Congrats to Claire from St Martins. #fb
Oh great. Ref for Slovenia game is a German banker. Why not go the whole hog FIFA and give us Scottish bonus bagger Fred Goodwin? #fb
Brazil's Maicon had more touches than any player in the 1st round matches (129). Is he in your Footingo Squaddie? #fb
OK folks, big day at the #WorldCup today. Current holders #Italy are playing followed by potential new champions #Brazil.
RT @bettrends: France striker Nicolas Anelka has been sent home from the World Cup in South Africa following a dressing-... http://bit.l ...

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Okay, my name’s Dave and I’m a statistician. Goal minutes & squad numbers matter most to me, so football bingo is my game. Or Footingo, as it’s otherwise known.

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