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We’ve also kept many prices frozen to favourite destinations like India, Poland & many more.So keep away the winter blues & call a loved one
Missing friends or family? Now you can talk for less & for longer with FooCall,we’ve just lowered our call rates fo…
@OlgaUK Hi Olga, please email details of the time & date of your experience to & we will investigat…
@hamza_rana Hi, the varying call rates apply to calls made to mobiles or landlines. Regards,Jayne @FooCall
Making plans for the holiday season? There's never a better time to talk for less than during the festive celebrati…
@Faizalfolaj3 I'm sorry to hear you are having issues linking with your new phone please email for help & instructions
@Atif_Naveed1 I'm sorry to hear you appear to be having issues with our app, please email and we'll get back to you
@Atif_Naveed1 I'm sorry to hear you appear to be having issues with our app,please email + details and we'll get back to you
@mrhugobone I'm sorry to hear you've had a bad experience,please email with details of the issues and we'll get back to you
Our rates are falling like autumn leaves! Check out our new low prices to India, Poland and many more places
@jessiepaint Email with your telephone number and they will check for you.
@jessiepaint Hi Jessie, sorry to hear you're having difficulties, please can you contact our support team who'll check things for you.
You may have difficulties calling Pakistan today & tomorrow due to Murharram-ul-Haram, & suspension of cellular services by the Govt
We just Lowered our call rates to India, Poland and many more destinations!
@dik_preston hmm ok I'll ask the team to take a closer look for you Dik. *Hannah
@colwight totally agree with you there. We're working on fixing these issues that's why I really appreciate you taking the time to share!
@colwight perhaps add the number to your contacts just for now while we sort the issue for you. Best short term fix until resolved!
@colwight you also don't need to add the code the app will do it automatically for you on the normal number you're calling from contacts.
@colwight email from your email client and we'll get this sorted !
@colwight it should be the code to the person's location. So +44 for UK for example. Do you mind emailing so we have a few more characters?

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FooCall enables you to make really cheap international calls from your iPhone, Android phone, home phone & computer. Give us a try, download our free app :)
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