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Still rockin' it? Ok, here's what to wear with a peplum top
#TBT Hummm, "no waistline worries, with coke you know."
Ahhhh, nice things are being said about me (kvell)... so grateful.
Tips for teachers! How to update what you wear to work:
You may have to consciously slow yourself down today. If you c... More for Gemini
If you cannot get a handle on what to wear... #styleword Subscribe to the daily #styleword here: http://buff.l…
Could this be you? How to look pretty when you forgot about taking care of yourself
Do you Pin? Snoop inside My Home Style Design Board + how to curate your Pinterest board
If you wear these, you will not look just like a 6 year old. You really won't
You may be tougher on yourself than anyone realizes today. In ... More for Gemini
Quality should always be the best that... #styleword Subscribe to the daily #styleword here: …
Abundant Style Mantras, oh yes! 10 Ways to Make the MOST of What You’ve Got
Flat no more! Hair Makeover, Get the Body You Want…
Big Question: How to get an effortless sense of style? Try this:
Although you might go out of your way to seek thrills and chil... More for Gemini
Consider what enhances your lines #styleword Subscribe to the daily #styleword here: #quotes …
What Color Shoe to Wear With What? The (Non) Definitive Guide has your answers:
Ok, let's talk classic TV. Are you a Mary or a Rhoda?
Great style comes from a trained eye and patience! 💄👠👜 ________________________________ Learn how:…
Bad Hair Day Lesson 101: What to do after a badhairday of bike helmet hair? Pull back the rat's…

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