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"There is absolutely no reason to look boring, unless you intentionally want to be perceived that way. ” S#styleword…
@MikeTyson did you see this about Pigeons in Washington Sq Park:
@jimmykimmel did you see this -300 pigeons
@notrachel @mighty_pigeon :)
Ask Coco. Or Sharon. Here's how to get the confidence to change your style
#TBT Beayty Time: Wanna know how Elizabeth taylor did her makeup? Watch her!
I've been accused of giving good quote. here's some of the spots:
How to wear anything... even something out there! Top 5 style maxims to tweak your chic:
In some crazy New York story, two pigeons were hatched on my windowsill last year. Some of you may…
Jumping to conclusions can land you in a heap of trouble today... More for Gemini
"Looking gorgeous is a state of mind, plus some effort to make the most of what you’ve got! ” #styleword #quotes #st…
Do you want to play with me? Let's find your iconic style moments
Leaving on a jet plane... this is what to wear + a funny video
You bought that top online and it really doesn't look like it did in the photo. Humm. Blame or praise the stylist
Sharing your feelings with a trusted friend seems like a good ... More for Gemini
"There’s a bit of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” to pulling off something daring—if you believe, ‘they’ will believe. ”…
Are you in a rut? Don't miss: 10 ways to know if it’s your signature style or time to get out of your style rut?
Revealed: Celebrity Spanx moments! We’re spilling the sucking in beans on what stars wear what shapewear.
Don't buy anything! How to take what you have to flatter your hourglass figure
❤️Love this look and photo with a #chic Helmet Newton vibe! 💋 #STYLETIP: Get the couture #menswear…

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