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We all deserve to be Queen for a Day, don't you think? Quite the retro TV show
Let's hear it for the boys! I have oodles of men's style tips too:
I heart gifts, dont you? Nab my sweet something of "Passport to French Chic" when you join me-
Pretty flowers from the farmer's market for today's shoot. What's your favorite flower?
You often make spur-of-the-moment decisions to spend money on ... More for Gemini
From a totally madcap outfit to clean... #styleword Subscribe to the daily #styleword here: #…
And, you asked what to wear with really flashy shoes? Well, I told
Have you read my essay on How to Master your Look from the book "65 Things to Do When You Retire" You can here:
Fashion Emergency! Short torso, long legs, no style… oh my!
How often do you wear jewelry? Have any of these 5 must-have pieces >>
Your agile mind may already be planning multiple escape routes... More for Gemini
Avoid too-clingy jersey fabrics that “grab”. #styleword Subscribe to the daily #styleword here: http://buff.…
I have something different in tomorrow's email. Are you on the list: (gift in it for you)
I did. I really did. And this is what happened.
You can't beat this for timeless chic. Well, maybe you can, but it would be hard:
No time or budget for a pedicure? No need with these chic summer shoes as an alternative:
A wave of insecurity might cause you to overcompensate and sho... More for Gemini
Looking gorgeous is a state of mind, plus... #styleword Subscribe to the daily #styleword here: http://buff.…
Are you in a rut? Don't miss: 10 ways to know if it’s your signature style or time to get out of your style rut?
Hoorah, I figured out how to fold T-shirts neatly!

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