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Great look at nuances of video #employeecommunications & why video comms should have a plan (& professional agency). https://t.co/7t0CkTZMWd
The effects of using video in #employeebenefits communications go beyond #employeeengagement during #openenrollment. https://t.co/lnsnlyAwac
#EmployeeEngagement tools are only as effective as how they’re used. Look behind myths to see & solve deeper issues. https://t.co/AtVCiiG8vz
#Employeebenefits videos are for more than just OE. Read how they improve the #employeeexperience for new hires. https://t.co/mKdaA4uPjK
Honored to be cited in SHRM’s look at video in #OE comms. Get our 2017 report & look at our OE packages. https://t.co/fokAcJUz5t
Video not as difficult expensive as a decade ago. Making a good video however hasn't changed. https://t.co/xJ7FQsywg3 #employeecomms
Great look at the evolution of #employeecommunications technology & what's being used today. https://t.co/uDiKapIZyr #HR #internalcomms
Or click here to get the Health Insurance Terms video from our library for free https://t.co/Q5BMURafcY #employeebenefits #specialoffer
Get the Health Insurance Terms vid from our library free to help w/ #employeebenefits this OE season. Read about it: https://t.co/ZcJeaxEFVj
Publishers Are Making More Video - Whether You Like It or Not https://t.co/aKVgUMHa3P via @wvmc
2017 Employee VIdeo Communications Report https://t.co/W2rQ7NZmaf via @wvmc
Knowing the #videoproduction process can help make your #employeecommunications videos more effective. https://t.co/ggPwe4CV84
When done right videos even #employeecommunications videos can convey a lot more than information https://t.co/wnLV0elYTd #employeebenefits
PLANselect and other cloud-based #employeecommunications tools improving #employeeengagement. https://t.co/wQB8GutkIl #employeebenefits
Flexibility in #HR & #EmployeeComms is always important but can be tricky during #employeebenefits enrollment season https://t.co/GsD9CjmnFG
Prediction: Facebook's Workplace Won't Kill Off Slack and the Rest https://t.co/778PcxPrg4
Survey found >4% respondents knew definitions of 4 common #employeebenefits terms. We have a video to help fix that. https://t.co/1L1AR7Zvo8
Have you thought about using video in your #employeebenefits enrollment communications this year? https://t.co/fSkbwyhOOP #employeecomms #HR
We’ve been lucky enough to work with brokers looking to branch out like this. https://t.co/5uNrMYd98d #employeebenefits #employeecomms #HR
Great look at our recent report & what the numbers translate to for employer & user experiences. https://t.co/PJEWfLnWiz #HR #employeecomms

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