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It's impossible to out exercise a bad diet https://t.co/uIiylPKLw5
We make about 100 different food choices each day ( to eat to skip a… https://t.co/W0lErXa64P
The #1 way to reduce inflammation in the human body is to reduce excess weight ~ W. Willet MD PhD Prof School of Pu… https://t.co/2MyqCQurto
RT @DavidBretton: Giving it your all every time is just what you do bro 👌🏼🙌🏼💯 https://t.co/4Mh0GXO5Dz
Looks like a hot mess but this bowl of kefir, mixed nuts,… https://t.co/3Iw30fNMv5
It's Jan 15th and for most - Resolutions have fallen by the wayside...here's 55min that will help you keep the mome… https://t.co/0uZ0XL5dkz
On pizza? Or in ketchup? https://t.co/xw15arWe6q
RT @CCOHS: A Healthy Workplace Can Be a Place of Healing. https://t.co/iPuen6OjJ1
What's good for your body (and mouth of course) is also good for your brain. https://t.co/c23Hyx9tk7
In your vision of your world is the image of yourself https://t.co/vlDp4bTwYg
80% of how you look and feel is from your daily nutrition habits. https://t.co/D6pPSGnXXk
RT @PhilipsHealth: Official global Philips Healthcare account. Follow us for the latest updates & research for healthcare professionals htt…
Who hates fast food? https://t.co/IlICR0YUes
I gave my all in this program - didn't leave anything on the table 😳😳 https://t.co/AShiqzlvih
Zombies hate it 😫 https://t.co/dNhh2uogV1
Heading to Atlanta GA this week to keynote "Maximize Your Energy" How you move, eat, sleep & breathe affects your… https://t.co/8VFH1UKExf
Follow your dreams and lower the odds of you hitting the snooze button in the morning https://t.co/TjEW5E2FC5
Following your dreams makes it less likely you will hit the snooze… https://t.co/zO3QuJiCEs
Sometimes old school works better: https://t.co/wqe988q4UI
The science is in - you cannot out exercise - out walk -out yoga… https://t.co/QrXv7kAqyS

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