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Winter Olympics 2010 British Columbia, CANADA. .•´*.¸.•´♥ ¸.♥.•*¨``*•♫.•
Olympic Torch earrings
SnowFlake & SnowBall
Restore "kick start your day !"
¸.·*´¨) Spirited !
~ Girls ~ Monthly friend cramping your style?
Wanna See Stars?
Shining STAR!
@kaRNheart Wow! Thanks! Looks like a very informative website for the HBP issues I'm having. I appreciate the link.
Stomach Ease
@dandelionvintag Thank you again for the help with the headache, sinus, bp probs. I am going to write down those ideas you suggested.
@dandelionvintag Ah, that was the fighting I heard at 5am this morning. The raccoons. They musta wanted more taters. >^^<
@dandelionvintag Thanks so much for you input here on this. It is so good to hear from someone else who's been in this sort of predicament.
@recycledjeans Actually my thought was "she's lucky she can have JUST the coffee at dunkin donuts" My temptation would be h*i*g*h! :-)
@shesbatty thanks! I appreicate that. It's like good medicine. Your good vibes sent my way. :-)
@recycledjeans Well, you've got your morning off to a fine start. :-) making the rest of us a bit jealous. (& hungry) ;-)
@bijouxazurine You made that sound so alluring it made me look. And your jewelry is nice n bright n cheery! thnks for sharing! Happy sales!
@QuestFitness Ooo La La! Wish I were there. *sigh Sounds like so much fun!
@wallisdesigns Really sweet inspiration Nancy! Beautiful earrings!

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