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setting up Twitter for my Squidoo account
Watching this cool video http://tinyurl.com/dbz96x Need to raise some money for local non-profits watch this.
Getting ready to go show support for Tricia and less Government.
Check out this video http://tinyurl.com/dbz96x
Check this video out -- help for non profits http://tinyurl.com/dbz96x
Getting excited to be meeting with local non-profits this week to discuss the vision of helping the community and stimulating the economy!
Just finished simplified business plan to make a difference. Yes We can! our new campaign slogan "When you need? Give" Secret to happiness
Just did Google Search video is already posted on search engines. Secret pinging ability designed into site.!!! Google Findusadeal.com
Posted 1st Video at 5:30 am by Noon it had over 120 Views. Thank You and tell even more people. Lets make a difference!
Just finished 1st Findusadeal.com Video. Were going to help non-profits all across America http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_axfw_70HQ
Finishing up new landing page for Findusadeal.com
Getting ready to Hire a CEO for Findusadeal.com

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