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RT @itsangelfool: One Of My Favorite And Very Underated Songs By @father Ft. @_SPACEBAR METATRON!
RT @zackfox: i'm about to be you and @father's nature guide in booty shorts
@NiggasIsClones lmaooo shut the fuck up 😂
Don't get it fuckin twisted
@OgSwaggerdick see!
@DexterDukarus @NiggasIsClones it is hard tho
@OgSwaggerdick i know he cut his leg lol
thank u @souljaboy
@zackfox sweet. aiight, im with the shits tomorrow morn
@stellakae @zackfox I izzzzz
@stellakae @zackfox for real doe, let a nigga know next time lol
RT @_SPACEBAR: It was so great being with my family overseas. @father @abra @ETHEEEREAL @LordNarf @beenkob @GerryMNewton @alexrusselI ❤️️❤️️
@OgSwaggerdick aagughhshhshhshshahah im dyin lol
soulja got me leanin gone go
@OgSwaggerdick nigga did u not hear the soulja got me leanin snippet?
this bow wow soulja boy shit bout to be hard
@OgSwaggerdick lies
I don't have to explain myself to y'all lol
I don't like when Rihanna make white woman songs

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