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RT @Sickayduh: Man photos himself every month since Inauguration Day https://t.co/rwmp08tFep
"It is a thing you have to keep scooping out of the boat of your life to keep from drowning in it." https://t.co/urkVEVUfio
RT @apihtawikosisan: Lots of Native ppl sharing stories of having things tossed at them from cars; it's happened to me but only when w/ vis…
RT @anne_theriault: If you read one thing about mental health today, make sure it's this: https://t.co/LAm5luhm8Y
This thread though https://t.co/0yU7uqz4Py
Congratulations on your winter sporting accomplishment
@KaylinSnailin I started wearing them anyway tbh.
RT @FarrenSquare: She wants her butt to get more famous. RT FOREVER. https://t.co/QCXsYbpWLF
Good life rule https://t.co/Bbrt8fD37l
@xzqx I'm glad you said this in your Irish accent.
@wheatandsky ur butt is great and if anyone is a bag of dicks it's about their own inner bag of dicks not u.
She wants her butt to get more famous. RT FOREVER. https://t.co/QCXsYbpWLF
@wheatandsky I believe in your butt. Don't give up on your butt dreams.
🍑💫 https://t.co/k6TuJcbYoG
@wheatandsky I was so stoked about your butt selfie I asked if you were still in my city so
RT @MsPackyetti: Today, we were told a Black woman's hair matters more than her voice, and our choices are under the control of others.
RT @hsofia: Mercola subscribes to, or at least perpetuates, the fallacy of a perfect solution, e.g. Bc govt can't eliminate all pathogens i…
RT @mikd33: Last week it was a big boy truck, today it's the big boy desk! https://t.co/jIGSFfkBvJ
RT @xoxoxMinnie: When you laying in your coffin at your funeral dead and you don't hear your man crying https://t.co/3npZAyo4AF
@RichBottoms one teste

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Feisty Feminist Mama: Breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, punkrock Fire-Dancer! I live to laugh, love, and create. And then blog about it.

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