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@PenHabit Great news! I am really looking forward to this pen. Thanks so much.
@Elidenoma OK, watch your mailbox.
@Elidenoma The farm phone is 424-869-9777 if you want to call instead of tweet.
@Elidenoma Before I send it, can you please tell me what it is? Just to be sure it is yours.
@Elidenoma Were you at Dr. Maze's Farm recently? We found a lost item that may be yours.
Learning new vocabulary: 2nd Lumbar, compression fracture, Percocet
You Feed the Farm, The Farm Feeds You. Hallie Harness talks compost at the Everett Library
@KING5Seattle Felt it here, between Redmond and Woodinville
Rainbows flash from hanging droplets. A hawk cries out from the high perch. A few clouds high in the blue sky. A cool breeze chills my nose.
Today we moved the critters to the drier hillside paddock. You won't be able to see them as you drive past the farm.
Back at the farm after a week away visiting family. Many thanks to Teresa and Andrew for caring for the critters while we were away.
The alpacas are at alert, watching a coyote over by the apple orchard.
Sundial Selfie taken this morning at 10:34 am.
8.04 inches of rain at the farm this October! (Last year we had 2.02 inches the same month.)
Current high wind gust 40 mph, lights flickering
THREE INCHES of rain since Wednesday here at the farm. Yes, the corn maze will be muddy.
I'm keeping an eye on our broken pumpkin compost pile.
A big TWO INCHES of rain at the farm yesterday and today!
You know Fall has arrived when the pumpkin checkers are set up.
Picture yourself in our Sunflower / Corn Maze this weekend.

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