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@MAC_Amber_D Ah so bummed I missed it. What a stink day to be off work!
Been listening to a dog in my area cry in dstress for 2+hrs. SPCA won't help cause I can't see it only hear, Anml Control just haven't come
The new M.A.C store at Botany Town Centre opens this Thurs and it is GORGEOUS. Private makeup room, biggest store in NZ!!!! Come visit!
RT @VerdoNails: Want to show your support for the All Black on Sunday. Book in your Sheekee Nails supporting the boys in Black! http:// ...
@yngmamac hey lovey, I am good. Bit tired with heaps on but good. How are you going?
@MAGICTANNZ yep we started unpacking boxes into the shop today. it opens on Thursday!
@jofajafa will try to. haha maybe closer to xmas when life settles down! trying to get the house ready to move into before then
@jofajafa hmm I think the GIO might be more my budget!
@chocfishmedia from what I can tell the affection doesn't really stop. The term mamas boy exist for a reason!
@jofajafa kinda like the look of the Samsung Galaxy but no idea what it's like to use
@chocfishmedia ripped off
@chocfishmedia omg the yelling is insane, we have just hit mid 2's, boyohboy. still mamas kissy boy tho. Love it
@jofajafa not telescum, prefer not voda but would be open to them, budget.. cheap as possible without being too paru
@jofajafa so give me the lowdown JD, what kinda phone should I be looking at? Am over trying to log into SNAPTU to get into my FB &Twitter
@chocfishmedia he is just perfect. Talking too much tho, can't imagine where he gets that from ;) And how is yours??
K IT geeks, whats your fav, affordable, non APPLE smart phone? Anyone an Android user?
@jofajafa thanks! We start putting stuff in the store today, it opens Thursday so gonna be a huge month.
@jofajafa gonna be Assistant Mgr at the new M.A.C store in Botany. Verycool
Been a big year, this month will be a huge month. New role, new house. Will attempt to be back on the twitterverse more often too!
@VerdoNails @MAGICTANNZ lovely to see you too! Definitely up for night out with you beautiful ladies ;)

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Qualified Makeup Artist -specialising in wedding and special occasion. Looking for more fashion and film work. Makeup artist by day besotted mum 24/7

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