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You know what cuts like a knife? Canadian hero Bryan Adams. You know what else? 20% off cutlery from Oneida #coupon… https://t.co/a0qu9S9Ddq
Hot coupon, fresh out the oven - 15% off sitewide at David's Cookies! https://t.co/QfhAXy2pKH https://t.co/TGxWeQsJ70
Girls! What's my weakness? Men's watches like this Hamilton Khaki Aviation! I wanna SHO(o)P! Here's 40% off:… https://t.co/GkYPtDJBfA
Just added actual, real, % off #coupons for TOMS, Calvin Klein, Timberland, FOSSIL, Jack Spade and a bunch more. It's a good day!
The world got me crying so much my face is like the Sahara. Need me some Lab Series cream. ($20 off $100 today btw)… https://t.co/tuS4oePDK7
Cashmere - it's wool's Frech, more sophisticated lover. And it's 50% off today at Jack Spade! (Coupon code:GETINONI… https://t.co/X9r0i1urke
"Who me?" "Yes you! I like your Andrew Marc jacket and I want it for 25% off!" "Ask and ye shall receive, my man."… https://t.co/kJBiC72kzP
The only thing that'll come between you and your #Calvins is this working 20% off #coupon (Sale items, US only!)… https://t.co/D1lyPuXTKk
Sweeeet...just looking at new stuff from Original Penguin. Always loved this old campaign of theirs https://t.co/oJ7NLLfcRS
We are in the process of adding a metric flip-ton of new #coupons to the site. Then I'll be shopping for the rest of the afternoon!
QUIZ! Can you spot which 2 machines are on sale with our Bowflex #coupon and which is the funniest robot in film?… https://t.co/Vqo3myqVc6
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” #MLKDAY https://t.co/F49MTYdVSX
Never forget that - with effort - you can choose your attitude. Make the right choice every day! https://t.co/Lhffj31DoR
We were gonna do coupons today, but nah. MLK ALL DAY! https://t.co/48KnzTHAwa
SUN IS SHINING, https://t.co/y68jTAxXL1
Oi, guv'nor! 15% off orders of me old bean Ben Sherman at Macy's? Just for slappin' down the ol' email? Nice one!… https://t.co/23SKIUS2Nk
Is it grey and gloomy where you are, too? Mr. Rogers always makes the day a little brighter https://t.co/Y3OOKb6OHZ
Petco has free shipping on gifts for new fathers! https://t.co/KzlAxlOxMs #whosagoodboy https://t.co/8xG0P65okJ
Macy's is having a 20% off #popupsale today! https://t.co/iticfKPaCv (You're not still mad at what they did to Barn… https://t.co/RXK9DsCZQL
News got you thinking about buying new sheets? Horchow's got 25% off bedding til Friday. This #coupon is #golden!… https://t.co/0WQkD7sY7U

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