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USDCHF: Extends Bull Pressure, Eyes 1.0000 Zone https://t.co/KgSG23Gc8K
EURUSD: Hesitates, Faces Pullback Threats https://t.co/tLo65BleMZ
GOLD: Bullish, Eyes Further Upside Pressure https://t.co/YgFPjuRUMG
EURUSD: Bullish With Eyes On Key Resistance https://t.co/fiKN802MXD
Why Successful Trading is Ultimately A Numbers Game https://t.co/4Z2rxcx1Kb
USDJPY: Threatening Further Weakness Short Term https://t.co/iXiYbjdfo0
GOLD: Bullish, Risk Remains Higher On Further Strength https://t.co/OUpT03ELpQ
CRUDE OIL: Weakens, Extends Bear Pressure https://t.co/Qb7lwOtnGX
How Your Beliefs Are Sources Of Great Power https://t.co/2ycrZoKyF0
EURUSD: Bullish, Threatens Further Upside Pressure https://t.co/aNi4AICAiL
Is There Any Thing Like A Perfect Setup? https://t.co/wUtZ9rjouj
GBPUSD: Bullish, Targeting Further Upside Pressure https://t.co/7TfiSYIDUJ
GOLD: Bullish, Risk Points Higher https://t.co/rBM2UMJVKs
EURUSD: Bullish, Faces Further Recovery Higher https://t.co/LA38Dm1o9G
USDCHF: Risk Remains To The Downside On Bear Pressure https://t.co/c8bFZ487bj
Why You Should Not Trade Not To Lose? https://t.co/rSeVAIaRVl
CRUDE OIL: Prints Rejection Candle, Targets Recovery Higher https://t.co/69hxXNVg7R
Don't Be A Greedy Trade Chaser https://t.co/QDbUNcHy6j
GOLD: Bearish But With Risk Of Correction https://t.co/heKaRTQUNp
EURUSD: Bullish, Faces Further Upside Pressure https://t.co/1E4ss2a8a1

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