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RT @ThisPugLife: I just brushed her yesterday! It never ends. Thank goodness for @FURminator_Inc http://t.co/auVtLan5tC
RT @formidable_lou: Obviously loves the @furminator_inc 😏. #tbt @chrismohen #harperdog http://t.co/vrVGtVJ4n7 http://t.co/ZX58iRX6da
RT @lisamantchev: "Do you wanna build a Huskeeeee?" #Minion #Furminator http://t.co/s3mjMosj5M
#CatPeopleProblems! Luckily, we think we have the solution to numbers 1, 9 & 10 http://t.co/Aa4Fi3xcjO @amyodell http://t.co/7K8tiglAre
@michaeldoyle Yes! Our new FURflex system has removable heads so that families with multiple pets can customize their deShedding tools.
@michaeldoyle Our new comfort edge does have a curved edge for ergonomic support :)
@michaeldoyle Unfortunately we can't identify real/fake products online / in photos. Check out our list of retailers.http://t.co/JMMMu1zATX
RT @jusclunies: @FURminator_Inc wouldn't be without ours! Two labs and Newfie puppy Margaret all love their daily brush! http://t.co/ks2Eis…
RT @Miller88Shelley: Just Furimate! #furminator #dogsofvine https://t.co/OkwdjBgMSc
Are these cat puns fur real?!! Check out these pawesome one-liners and tell us your personal favorite: http://t.co/VcmLtGYnAf @BuzzFeed
RT @ChicoSuave619: Loving my new @FURminator_Inc ! I feel like a whole new cat! Yuck! I could have ate all that! #furminator #feelsgood htt…
.@HChrizzy We're thrilled to hear you believe in our products! Thanks for the support, Heather. Cute pup :)
Going somewhere this Labor Day weekend? Check out these tips for traveling safely with pets: http://t.co/kBs9lT5RYz http://t.co/gTRgtKma5b
RT @MWDTSA: @FURminator_Inc Our #MWDs are pretty pawsome. Sniffing out bombs & bad guys. All in a day's work. #bestdogever #MWD http://t.co…
.@Therealspubble Better late than never!
TGIF!!! Who else has a nice #grooming session planned for this weekend?
In honor of #NationalDogDay, tell us why your dog is the #bestdogever! We'll retweet our favorites. http://t.co/2mr76t5nFK
Happy #NationalDogDay! Cheers to our most loyal, lovable companions. http://t.co/CqQhXkW8l6
@TheOfficialMQ Oh no! That's awful. Send details to TechSupport@FURminator.com and they should help you out!
@imanimarie Hi there! We recommend using the deShedding tool once a week for 20-30 minutes. Thanks for asking and happy grooming!

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FURminator® deShedding products address the #1 complaint of pet parents – shedding. Nothing reduces shedding like FURminator.

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