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Take this short quiz to see if you know what Americans eat the most of. #nutrition #fitnesstips
Thanks @MyFitnessPal with a great post on thoughts on helping to break through a weight loss plateau. #fitnesstips #nutrition
Good questions. #exercise #diet
Week-Long Workouts Part 1 :: Fitness Together Cold Spring Hills | MyNewsletterBuilder https://t.co/vdl7armP1L
Good post about on what @HillaryClinton and @DonaldTrump like to eat.
Thanks @MyFitnessPal with a great article about portion sizes. #nutrition #healthychoices #fitnesstips
Here is a list of the top water filters on the market and what they provide. Check it out. #water #fitnesstips
A list of ways to avoid stomach cancer. #fitnesstips
Drinking water is a good starting point to a weight loss plan. @MyFitnessPal with a good post. #weightloss #water
A list of liquors and mixed drink with their calorie count. Good info.
Oatmeal is a great food choice. Easy to make and good for you too. Thanks @MyFitnessPal for 15 new ways to prepare it #healthy #fiber
Good post about what is the right amount of steps to strive for on a daily basis. #walking #fitnesstips #stepcounting
Salsa. Cucumber. Avocado. Strawberry. Yummy. Thanks @MyFitnessPal #healthy #nutritiontips #myfitnesspal
Flexibility is often neglected. Melissa Daniels. Fitness Coach @FTColdSpring discusses the three phases of flexibility training. #fitness
You will be surprised when you read this post. #cirquedusoleil #fitness #trainertips
Simple enough to follow. Great advice too.
Good post from @MyFitnessPal. Easy to make breakfast foods that are low calories and good for you too.
Fitness Tip courtesy of John Jarosz: Personal Trainer and Coach @FTColdSpring #motivationmonday #fitnesstips #positive
Nutrition Action posts a great Lentils recipe article. "Fiber, protein, copper, iron, and folate never tasted so good. " #healthychoices
Thanks Nutrition Action for an informative article about calories found in certain beers and wines. #fitnesstips #calories

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