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@AzureSupport Any issues in eastus? Working db cluster not reachable from app service in one sub but other subs fine. Network related?
. @Pond5 is giving away 50 beautiful stock video clips and audio files valued at $1,000 for free. Check it out
#highedweb2014 #AIM9 data needs to be free. Great talk on APIs and collaboration.
#heweb2014 EWS is ready for higher Ed web. Learning new strategies in Portland.
SEO Tip: Use Google Trends to do market research. Narrow down what terms are most searched for and use those terms in your site content.
Great CSS article. Learn to Love the Boring Bits of CSS
This one is just for fun, and to annoy the hell out of your office mates..
Secure File transfers with BitTorrent!
Very useful .htaccess snippets for your developer toolbox
CSS3 Click Chart.
Nice CSS Scrolling effects.
RT @arstechnica: Measurements retroactively force photons to be both wave and particle by @j_timmer
Nice CSS Shadow Effects
If you need to download a video from youtube or vimeo, this addon is very helpful.
Very cool futuristic visions. Reel+Inspiration+%234+%26%238211%3B+Space+Generation
Great user interface inspiration and resources!
Need to send large files to, well... anybody. try out FIU uploads. login with AD credentials. Share & Enjoy!
The 101 Most Useful Websites of 2012..
Really nice CSS hover effects
7 HTML5 features that you may not know about Aaron Lumsden | via @aaronlumsden

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