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How do you decorate your pumpkin? From the @TinkeringStudio http://t.co/M5gbkfYvNU
It's that creepy, crawly time of year. These glowing worms "don" Jellyfish genes. What will you put on tomorrow? http://t.co/VBRtXrUy7u
@leapingwoman It's a very exciting exhibit, we understand. Please check it out if you can!
@nickpatch @camertron Next Thursday night is After Dark: Decay. 18+, cocktails, exhibits, programs, and more! http://t.co/VgsaWz1S8B
@HiltonSuggests @deemoney562 Tonight we're having an evening of creepy cocktails & spooky programming! 18+ 6PM http://t.co/Ivi5rjKaQ6
TONIGHT mourn scientific notions killed off by cold, hard evidence. All Hallows Evening 6PM http://t.co/Ivi5rjKaQ6 http://t.co/d54qzYMJtz
@leapingwoman It will be here through Nov 6th, come on down!
We've got a (whale) bone to pick! Today we installed a 30ft Grey Whale Skeleton in our Outdoor Gallery! #BTS http://t.co/tEj6qutIYd
TOMORROW An evening of creepy cocktails & a festive funeral to mourn "dead" science. 10/30 6PM http://t.co/Ivi5rjKaQ6 http://t.co/RzbSRDrPXI
@jqmcd @SFPublicLibrary Tell us more!
TONIGHT celebrate 40 yrs of Artist-in-Residence & the work of Bob Miller w/ @SFPublicLibrary http://t.co/xclPYgCi11 http://t.co/FD6eSbvINP
Integrate art into STEM - Saturday, 11/22 #TeachNGSS http://t.co/L6NsRBdBM8 http://t.co/TfrBaS6LDF
Early October @EBMakerfaire highlights from @TinkeringStudio attendees #Exploratorium http://t.co/M54AA0tLRJ http://t.co/ztBnBEKaDC
Missed #BlackSpirituals earlier this month? Watch their performance in full here: http://t.co/VziW94ZbzP http://t.co/9oVHaSZ70d
Middle & high school science teachers - infuse art into #STEM, craft #STEAM curriculum #TeachNGSS Saturday, Nov. 22 http://t.co/L6NsRBdBM8
Here's a secret @MeyerSound facility #Explo folks visited today. What do you think happens inside? Hint: chamber http://t.co/ITSkheVfvs
Sunlight--reflected and refracted--paints an ever-changing color composition. Getting playful with theā€¦ http://t.co/8apJAjwsaR
@barrythrew Good guess! Aja would kill.
Today we visited @MeyerSound, including their Reliability Lab. They test with an undisclosed pop artist's tunes. Who do you think it is?
Even our restrooms get recognized! Check out our washroom wall in this recent @FastCompany article? #humblebrag http://t.co/9Ow38XBzrO

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For the curious ones - the explOratorium is a museum of science, art, & human perception founded in 1969 by Dr. Frank Oppenheimer. Alex updates from the museum.

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