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Grand opening. Our Global team helped design, build new science center in Turkey @KocaeliBilim http://t.co/k3cr0BSP0j http://t.co/jNqrw8qHF1
Physics Puzzler.... Beaker Ball Balance Problem: https://t.co/O5QPy0haSM
New solar powered car charging station for electric and hybrid vehicles across the street! http://t.co/FxaiRTcUbq http://t.co/3OSeS1YMnd
#CassiopeiaA youngest-known #supernova remnant in our #galaxy, result of massive star collapse #Hubble25 http://t.co/8Vt2emrm8O
#Hubble25! #MysticMountain’s pillars show new stars forming at their tips & jets of material ejected great distances http://t.co/YE36O9LRpd
Street art meets optical illusions. #inspiration Thx @Amishark #geometry #opticalillusion http://t.co/LcXnSfbBIU
Grand opening! @KocaeliBilim is part of nat'l initiative to open 81+ science centers in Turkey http://t.co/k3cr0BSP0j http://t.co/bI1yKUJCHj
Celebrating #Hubble25! 100,000 stars in the crowded core of a giant star cluster known as #OmegaCentauri @NASA_Hubble http://t.co/uYIFVNuwuy
RT @astroDomingue: Great optics exhibit @exploratorium in San Francisco. http://t.co/9scbmUwktu
RT @TeachForAmerica: Last month, TFA's #STEM team got hands-on experience at San Francisco's @exploratorium: http://t.co/rvOJy22W1p http://…
3rd red spot appears alongside its cousins (#GreatRedSpot #RedSpotJr) in #Jupiter's turbulent atmosphere. #Hubble25 http://t.co/fpcHbZyGaw
Ring of hot, blue stars pinwheels about the yellow nucleus of an unusual #galaxy known as #HoagsObject #Hubble25 http://t.co/9DZb6yK0Me
8 Strategies for Supporting Perseverance & Failure by staff Jean Ryoo & @LindaKekelis http://t.co/4BKGQLmcPb http://t.co/1uY7nwekqP
RT @harvartmuseums: This Mon 4/27, @MuseumModernArt curator & @exploratorium director reflect on the role of museum exhibitions. http://t.…
Happy Anniversary @NASA_Hubble! Thanks for this amazing view of our #MilkyWay #galaxy’s turbulent heart. #Hubble25 http://t.co/CUqfl24RJP
Stellar Jewel Box! One of the most massive young star clusters in the #MilkyWay #galaxy. #Nebula NGC 3603. #Hubble25 http://t.co/q6ugCSHiKL
Role of #tinkering in reframing #failure and nurturing resilience: http://t.co/o8japSZtXE @techbridgegirls http://t.co/g00pkbm2NZ
RT @aashuste: Celebrated #EarthDay with a great talk by @NOAA's Dr. Jim Butler at the @exploratorium! What keeps Jim up at night? https://t…
RT @IndyArtsSF: Professor by day - Physics Chanteuse by night! Check out "Full-Spectrum Music" @Exploratorium TONIGHT @lyndalovon http://t.…
@DelGotcho The image & info are from NASA. Here's more about the Antennae Galaxies! http://t.co/VnDO1U8ilb

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For the curious ones - the explOratorium is a museum of science, art, & human perception founded in 1969 by Dr. Frank Oppenheimer. Alex updates from the museum.

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