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Solar eclipse images w/ wide range of exposure times reveals the crown of Sun in all its glory http://t.co/Nt1jCG7Ueh http://t.co/omaWofkdJz
Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn: http://t.co/MmifNjLMwK http://t.co/LJjlws39fD
Countdown begins for Gala After Party! One-night only art installations & open bar #ExploGala http://t.co/CsTppXfbsN http://t.co/jzk8RWIpSM
Students ignite fire, turn on low-rumble bass frequency generator & extinguish flames in secs http://t.co/Jt2NimdKO0
Exactly how long is a day on the planet Saturn? Researchers now have an answer: http://t.co/NXoLkVP5nt http://t.co/IbH7pnWKaL
Magical mysteries will materialize at After Dark on Thursday nite. In the meantime, a cunning card trick. 👀🃏 http://t.co/Zp5hlF8P5x
#MuseumWeek #poseMW What's your favorite place to pose for a photo at the museum?
Do all objects with the same mass and shape accelerate at the same speed? Try it @SciAm. http://t.co/S6FMO6lYTz http://t.co/7bRueHiQ2l
We can’t pick just one fave! Check out our favorites visitor photos here: http://t.co/ohpR74JIkb #favMW #MuseumWeek http://t.co/zwXI1DapLK
Art installations, Talking Heads vs Stevie Wonder DJ battle & open bar: #ExploGala After Party http://t.co/CsTppXfbsN http://t.co/4dNzzxyQig
Human #slinky wiggles on the dance floor at Family Fling #familyMW http://t.co/5lxo2YOCYK
RT @jamesgleventhal: SO PSYCHED for @annebalsamo at Spring Gala 2015 @exploratorium http://t.co/9GaYunyLLj #CatalyzeCuriosity http://t.co/7…
Kids are experts on #familyMW day at Exploratorium. Read their advice for parents: http://t.co/IHeb5YCwv4 #MuseumWeek http://t.co/2oSKJhe3Rh
Special two nights w/ @JoshuaLightShow + @JULIA_HOLTER + @LindaPerhacs on 4/18 & 4/19: http://t.co/IXJxs167Lm http://t.co/UOWYE84riK
Toothpick-tastic celebration of Golden St. @Warriors. Congrats #PacificDivisionChamps #LetsGoWarriors #DubNation http://t.co/5Bzm0OTtUT
We <3 hands-on exhibits. @oaklandmuseumca's got 'em too. Try your hand at circuitry. #familyMW #MuseumWeek http://t.co/WvbAO6h5E8
Run on water! 💦 #oobleck (water + cornstarch) runway in 1 week. Let's get messy. After Dark 4/2 http://t.co/pwxFDCME7X
RT @asianartmuseum: Yay Area artist @sanazmazinani inspires us. Her dazzling & "explosive" #Threshold2015 show opens tmw! #InspirationMW ht…
Why Icicles Look the Way They Do: http://t.co/ZN0ilo4YYq http://t.co/9KiLAhC2hq
We are so lucky to be inspired by our environment every day. #inspirationMW #MuseumWeek http://t.co/6UIrqWZ2Y8

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For the curious ones - the explOratorium is a museum of science, art, & human perception founded in 1969 by Dr. Frank Oppenheimer. Alex updates from the museum.

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