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Firefighting in San Francisco is not easy. Explore the Science of Firefighting Sun Oct 5 11-4 http://t.co/iIh3TsVeDa http://t.co/QvagfszNdx
Bee Orchids look like a bee to attract bees as pollinators. Learn @ After Dark Thrs night: http://t.co/mrU4w0BrF3 http://t.co/oUomLte0au
Watch Water Freeze. Literally. #winteriscoming #ice Video here: http://t.co/G9uj7cjc2q http://t.co/vkiZETPx5c
Gorgeous clouds set the stage behind @Transamerica last Friday. Follow us on Instagram for more visual goodies! http://t.co/LfqyiF6nLZ
RT @MortarAgency: Our billboard for @exploratorium catches tourists on the Powell St cable car route to Fisherman's Wharf. #mediawin http:/…
Learn the tricks carnivorous plants use to lure their treats at After Dark Thurs @6pm! http://t.co/mrU4w0BrF3 http://t.co/f3I8tbcQF8
The tension between reason and emotion... Would you drink out of a toilet? #socialdilemma Watch & retweet! http://t.co/cbio4K3D4z
New season of Resonance music & performance announced! Starts 10/9 with Black Spirituals http://t.co/O9sISubZdB http://t.co/lvFaNXUOb3
Tomorrow is a FREE day at the museum. Another one coming up on 10/12 too! sponsored by @UniqloUSA #ExploUniqlo
What happens when you water jet felt? Staff #experimentations at @Instructables art residency http://t.co/iPHSLhnigO http://t.co/HPpt4hRBd1
With robot sending live video & datastreams, does it matter if you’re on a ship or shore? http://t.co/Za019G9ipL http://t.co/GePmaAVYw6
Visual echos! Film about baybridge lights within sight of the IRL (in real life) #baybridge lights! @baylightsfilm http://t.co/G9I8OoDOnt
@mrdrozdov Screening "Impossible Light" about baybridge lights. Tinkering Social Club making sculpture from milk cartons w artist!
RT @entroporium: .@TheResidents' Eskimo to be played in a 99-speaker installation: http://t.co/SzIAPDkRb1
Dr. Bob Ballard & @KatyCroffBell on @EVNautilus studying active volcano beneath Caribbean Sea http://t.co/xSKMufyYhn http://t.co/yd042JqVb9
Behindthescenes @SF72org planning #LomaPrieta 25th anniv #ToyTrucksAtTheOffice Fri 10/17 #LP25 http://t.co/COvVKhaxls http://t.co/qQZNwy7wb1
RT @earthskyscience: Charles Brown was 20 miles west of Glen Rose, TX when he captured the Milky Way ... his first attempt! http://t.co/G85…
And sometimes a floating #crane pulls up and docks at the #pier. #kindalikeaboatbutnotreally http://t.co/nux7lQkhQv
Film Trailer: Impossible Light. Backdrop of #BayBridgeLights w/ director @JeremyAmbers Thurs 9/25 @baybridgefilm http://t.co/C7kKOR5Fiv
Tmrw nite at @TinkeringStudio Social Club- we'll be making these w/ artist Aiko Cuneo: http://t.co/fCcfmqMkIr http://t.co/SUcA6yx6WG

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For the curious ones - the explOratorium is a museum of science, art, & human perception founded in 1969 by Dr. Frank Oppenheimer. Alex updates from the museum.

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