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RT @med1ate: #SF's electrodiva is the future of opera - @HuffingtonPost. Experience LIVE tonite with #SoundwaveSF @exploratorium http://t…
Seagulls #divebomb around the pier. #thebirds http://t.co/XFSMr0fjq6
RT @explo_lab: Check out the "Structure + Formation" happy hour by @HelixLosAltos by @exploratorium & Silicon Valley Nexus tom nite: http:/…
time-lapse, time travel, aging @imaginescience Experiments on Film! Fri 8/22 7pm http://t.co/gTOa25QLwQ http://t.co/qnZ9BVF0AF
Fashion, style, and science. You CAN have it all. Watch this video of our High School #Explainers in #1982! #TBT http://t.co/pSNikzbfBq
Looking dashing in the dark, @FerryBuildingSF! http://t.co/solfmkk7oX
Afterhours... Out come the #staff on #rollerskates http://t.co/XnWxlFO8Wd
Join our awesome team: We're hiring a guest services Assistant Manager. Details: http://t.co/5EXmvR7H6l
Girls in #Science #Tech #Engineering and #Math! Silhouettes of summer camp girls backlit by our CURIOUS? banner #STEM http://t.co/GHsGo6LQcf
RT @med1ate: @exploratorium Excited to start #SoundwaveSF's triple-header weekend tomorrow at Pier 15! http://t.co/HHU9iDmOrz http://t.co/j…
@Reinonu yes! We are back in action.
Saying goodbye to Changing Face of #WhatisNormal: #MentalHealth exhibit. Last Day Sun 8/24 http://t.co/Ayp7zVA9wS http://t.co/cz2rNGNMFV
Comet to scale! @ESA_Rosetta http://t.co/dTBVdppDR7 http://t.co/3Xsr0rGFC9
Cuteness overload! Dog-gone-museum album posted here: http://t.co/LtQQdfyQTX http://t.co/xA4nRdUZpv
Retweet if you love our HS Explainers! We're hiring for Fall 2014 now, apply by 8/25: http://t.co/9iqrRRm3LW http://t.co/PuMIEsxlty
Thurs Night = cocktails + cinematic, surround-sound event copresented by @med1ate & @SFWeekly http://t.co/eloMZjnZsR http://t.co/mP0Dq73puA
Three o'clock #fogbridge #coittower http://t.co/WpNsCny8mH
"I stood at a white table with a container of cows’ eyeballs" Explo in story by M. Mellis http://t.co/QAFYisNCbD http://t.co/Ks9RUc4XBd
When does something become treasure? #seaurchin #coin #WeMaketheTreasure Take a coin, leave a coin... http://t.co/o1MljswpPh
RT @FastCoExist: Spray-on solar may be cheaper and more eco-friendly than the panels on your roof. http://t.co/PpYvX8X556 http://t.co/BjdxT…

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About Exploratorium

For the curious ones - the explOratorium is a museum of science, art, & human perception founded in 1969 by Dr. Frank Oppenheimer. Alex updates from the museum.

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