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Activity of the day - Light Play! Educator tested at the @TinkeringStudio workshop. #DIY here: http://t.co/OBgtQwMOL4 http://t.co/8qTkp60fvu
RT @msjlura: Loving our light pane vignette #makered @exploratorium http://t.co/ksP7GduAVL
Turn that frown upside down! Critters, you inspire an artist on @EVNautilus. Watch live 9/18 http://t.co/Yk9gpyn9Cm http://t.co/E0dFgyVkBu
@AariqScott @CAStateParks Why is the Acorn Woodpecker your favorite?
@jaysimpson_us Fear not, it's the work of an acorn woodpecker--actually, not just one, but a group called a "breeding coalition."
@aerialdomo You're right on the mark, acorn woodpecker--actually, not just one, but a group called a "breeding coalition."
@tedleew well there is a cache involved! We think it was done by a "breeding coalition" of acorn woodpecker. They share guard duty too!
@themindmuseum Oh don't make us #blush! #MuseumCrush
RT @RedRoverSF: When I was a kid, I loved coins! @exploratorium: http://t.co/EDegKeFVQ6 http://t.co/sqjRDCgwU4
Copper coins + Bay salt water + sea air + 89 days = beautiful patina, #WeMakeTheTreasure #exploratorium http://t.co/KuVp1c87de
@SFdirewolf @FilmEssaying It shrouds the Pier, 4 times per day (11-1-3-5) in response to the CA drought. Shhh, dont tell my boss I told you
@thesillysully Hey Sully is there a particular #Explo exhibition designer or artists you'd like us to reach out to?
These 4 carry forward folk crafts w/ custom @hatworksbypaul at Market Days: Homespun, SAT 9/20 http://t.co/LJLdvQWDxA http://t.co/fG0NKaAYbb
Sun Swarm twinkles in the wind above Bay water. Installation by Chris Bell, 2013. #exploratorium #mirrors #light http://t.co/SIBGjKqLB8
What did this? Staffer shared this image & question at the water cooler after a weekend visit to @CAStateParks. http://t.co/j5QgLd2a0g
The haunting effects of failed film color processes. Artists screen Technicolor N.G., 9/18 http://t.co/Kb9ecCQkua http://t.co/RR9MNecF36
If an atom gets excited in a laboratory does it make a sound? Scientists "capture" the softest sound ever made. http://t.co/B5fHXeFrbK
@digitaldraco @onlyinsf Thanks for the shout out!
Our Bay neighbor takes flight off @Pier15 w/ @SFBayBridge and #TreasureIsland as backdrop! #exploratorium #gulls http://t.co/y3Hjrndbrx
Strange creatures of the deep + visual art = must see live webcast Thr 9/18 @7 @EVNautilus http://t.co/hLVWTbcysx http://t.co/UcErYAVajG

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For the curious ones - the explOratorium is a museum of science, art, & human perception founded in 1969 by Dr. Frank Oppenheimer. Alex updates from the museum.

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