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How bad is the air in year 2041? Listen to this voicemail from the future! @FutrCoast http://t.co/hfy2lfSZuV
RT @carnavalsf: It's right around the corner, @DjPanda415 ! #CarnavalAfterDark at the @exploratorium is Thursday May 1st! http://t.co/t4j4c…
"Apparently a software glitch in future times (2024-2065) is sending voicemails back to 2014" What?! tonite: http://t.co/2xC4ciNhy9
RT @JoshuaLightShow: Even we are impressed by @tomng's photo essay of last week's collaboration with @moonduo at @exploratorium http://t.co…
RT @writerguygames: Chronofact spotted near @Exploratorium! Auspicious sign for this evening's @FutrCoast workshop http://t.co/8intqrlhE7
@TaviGreiner @porchdragon We'd love to see what you come up with!
Record prosaic voicemails w/ @FutureCoast, storytelling game about climate change. Observatory Tonight 6:30-8p Free! http://t.co/invUk5GBpV
RT @carnavalsf: Thank you for following #CarnavalSF, @exploratorium- We are thrilled to celebrate #CarnavalAfterDark @ the Exploratorium!
#HappyEarthDay & #NationalParksWeek! Free National Park entrance 4/19-/27. Get out & enjoy the natural phenomenon! http://t.co/S4HjyCILFR
Imagine VMs in the future. "Hey mom, I'm taking a wknd trip to the moon. Can't beat the views." Listen & record yours http://t.co/le7RLkPSRg
Free Carnaval Themed Members-only party! Sunday May 4, 6–9pm. Get your membership here: http://t.co/903yhge71S http://t.co/DbiiVsjo99
Unhappy hover-homeowner calls customer service... A gem from "Voicemails of the Future" w/ @FutrVoices Listen here: http://t.co/6Mc4dswS2c.
@MizMeliz @HiltonSFUnionSq We are not open on Mondays (unless it's a National Holiday), but we look forward to seeing you & fam tomorrow!!!
Floating houses rising with sea? Voicemails from the Future. Participatory games. Observatory 4/22 6-8:30p Free! RSVP http://t.co/invUk5GBpV
Voicemails from #EarthDay 2030? Discuss w/ @FutrCoast in Observatory Tues 4/22 6-8:30p Free! RSVP 415-528-4646 http://t.co/BMU4RPTnmf
"Comets are like cats. Both have tails & do what they want" 4:30p today on @abc7newsBayArea! http://t.co/Ptvp3yQSPJ http://t.co/yZlHI0ClVu
Overheard on the floor, "I'm not a human kleenex!" Stay strong parents, stay strong. #solidarity #patience
RT @DocPop: Learning so much from the great Joshua Light Show workshop at the @exploratorium. Cool psychedelic visuals! http://t.co/6pepeNv…
SAT 4.19 @JoshuaLightShow share their methods from 1960s liquid & gels to modern digital technologies #workshop http://t.co/W12fkdFj0m
Today is the 108th anniversary of the SF #earthquake of 1906. Now, Pier 15 is retrofitted with a single seismic joint http://t.co/38KdVHKmdn

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For the curious ones - the explOratorium is a museum of science, art, & human perception founded in 1969 by Dr. Frank Oppenheimer. Alex updates from the museum.

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