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The museum is closed, but the Tactile Dome is open. Take an excursion through darkness, 1/31 http://t.co/lSO5VF3h6Q http://t.co/MqWb2mqwum
At SF's 1st stand-alone children's hospital patients experience #Explo exhibits at their bedside w/ @ucsfchildrens http://t.co/0aeD0arBPb
#WINNING at Rock, Paper, Sissors by the numbers. Thanks @numberphile & @FryRsquared! http://t.co/dzzgtuPhyW
THURSDAY follow the trail of our spendthrift affair w/ this elusive noble gas 1/29, 7:30 http://t.co/EEhDwpKohI http://t.co/HcBWpKGn5T
RT @WhereTraveler: #traveltuesday: The 20 Most Romantic Things to Do in #SanFrancisco http://t.co/556BXIrR5x @IlluminatedArts, @pressclubsf…
RT @sfexaminer: #SF's first stand-alone children's hospital set to open. @UCSFChildrens @UCSFHospitals http://t.co/xqLgktmcEm http://t.co/u…
RT @aperturefnd: We had an amazing weekend with the @exploratorium at the Photographer’s Playdate. See what everyone made: http://t.co/B2aa…
RT @ongreening: #Exploratorium: one of the first and largest, #netzero museums in the world @EHDDarch http://t.co/1TuHX1BmtB http://t.co/Oc…
RT @Intheknowshow: Interviews with three lovely scientists at the #exploratorium. #WomenandSTEM http://t.co/cu6uAG11v4
New #neuroscience exhibition opens 1/31! Use #EEG headset to see yr #brain activity as you solve puzzles & #meditate http://t.co/ivlTOqrRue
Cupid says... "some sensual & steamy stimulation with exhibits" http://t.co/Hn6RI92Rok #valentinesday #valentine http://t.co/riSgCYI9ZF
In case you missed @Nasa's release of largest picture ever taken. 1.5 billion pixel image http://t.co/H8kISx5KkV http://t.co/srDK4Ip7hS
#DataVisualization. Effect of drought on California's reservoirs through time. http://t.co/8mb4cuSdwJ http://t.co/XAl6q3L3EX
Inspiration from @autodesk. Stunning Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures: http://t.co/xzWcnEk4Cg http://t.co/Sut6qwJKWh
RT @aperturefnd: Which assignment will you take on? Check out the #PhotographersPlaybook feed, and try one for yourself @exploratorium http…
#SipYourScience cocktail #recipe sneak peek: http://t.co/5uMuoAo19m #ExploSoC #cocktailrecipe http://t.co/HsCnu3AS1t
RT @_m0xy_: We pull back the curtains on THE BRAIN on 1/31 at the @exploratorium http://t.co/40D0jGPFeA [inquire within for press night] #…
Prob not good for your productivity. But drawing with emojis? Yes. Just for a few minutes... http://t.co/qelq4qu65n http://t.co/WQOHgj2L6h
Quiz: What do the letters LASER stand for? Full Spectrum Science w @ronhip 8pm tonite! http://t.co/6sDqleJuSR http://t.co/9SNQXSkTRC

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For the curious ones - the explOratorium is a museum of science, art, & human perception founded in 1969 by Dr. Frank Oppenheimer. Alex updates from the museum.

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