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Comets smell like farts? Thanks @NPR http://t.co/I8tRdvYH6k
TOMORROW #BASF2014 begins w/ Nerd Nite Block Party & #Explo educator Zeke Kossover at @slimsf http://t.co/Oz9myWXQGi http://t.co/0pTIbEY7Lo
@romedigs We dig Collin's hat!
Crescents of the eclipse reflecting on the Pier 17 ceiling from the little mirrors in the Sun Swarm… http://t.co/rlLVs804n7
Looking at images of the #sun through a grid of pinholes. These would typically be full circles but… http://t.co/D0Js3scM0K
#solareclipse right now! The moon's rocky terrain is even visible in the #moon's profile. http://t.co/R5kE0mUwxX
#FYI we have solar eclipse glasses for sale in our store on @Pier15. The partial solar eclipse will peak at 3:15 & end at 4:32.
RT @CUESA: Chemistry of the Cocktail: Fall Cocktails of the Farmers Market, 11/12: http://t.co/6Tqm7XtTxm @usbgsf @exploratorium http://t.c…
@artsycode Yep, we've heard it called that too.
The #sun through a solar #telescope. Prepping to see partial #solareclipse this afternoon. The active… http://t.co/OpZJacTlLZ
TODAY a partial solar eclipse will begin @ 1:52 pm PDT. Check out these ways to make a viewer! http://t.co/LMz6z5AO9o http://t.co/O5JKlX7vM7
#FREE talk & forum on the Ebola virus & how it spreads w/ @UCSF infectious disease researcher Charles Chiu. 10/25 1PM http://t.co/E45qHyYnxj
Go outside! This phenomena, 22° radius halo, is visible when the sky is wisped or hazed with thin… http://t.co/l4yPgZcbRv
Get facts about Ebola from @UCSF infectious disease researcher Charles Chiu. Ask any questions you have. SAT 10/25 http://t.co/E45qHyYnxj
Dizzyingly beautiful. Photo by vanessaklenecky #ExploStaffPick @ The Exploratorium http://t.co/S8xuNP6UpS
Come enjoy the Physics Circus w/ #Explo educator Zeke Kossover at @SlimsSF! #BASF2014 http://t.co/lIbFkn25Xf http://t.co/J4ecygmZhU
Register for 3rd Biannual NGSS STEM Conference - Infusing Art into STEM: Crafting a STEAM Curriculum #TeachNGSS http://t.co/L6NsRBdBM8
Oyster gatherers taking a barge of #oysters to market. 1889 #SanFrancisco. More #SFHistory at… http://t.co/dHgoPE14nK
An artist & a historian explore the San Francisco Bay & its affect on us. #FREE 10/23 6PM RSVP http://t.co/865Obj8iLl http://t.co/zvbFzybjvq

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For the curious ones - the explOratorium is a museum of science, art, & human perception founded in 1969 by Dr. Frank Oppenheimer. Alex updates from the museum.

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