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Unleash your inner feline
RT @wildthingsdress: Read about how I started Wild Things and the journey here. #smallbusiness #kids #etsy http:/…
@bunmew so sorry to hear this! Please email us at support[at]Etsy[dot]com or tweet @EtsyHelp. We'll be happy to help you with this issue.
This Halloween, increase the eery factor with an elixir that's sure to thrill
RT @Fashionista_com: Etsy takes another step offline with its new credit card reader:
@madebymeagana hi! We expect your ordered reader to arrive to you within 7 business days. Tweet @EtsyHelp if you need further help. Thanks!
@domirep so glad you like it, and thanks for the great suggestion! Feel free to email us any others that you have
Etsy sellers, take your shop to new places We're proud to announce the U.S. release of the Sell on Etsy Reader!
Know a boutique owner? Tell them about an awesome opportunity to connect with a local Etsy seller
Knit a beautiful evening in this unique dress
Are you the boss?
@InSearchOfWild Great finds! Thanks so much for sharing them.
I now pronounce you sorcerer and sorceress
Do you have days like this?
"...every collection I make has its own style." Meet Naya, jewelry designer
Cherish nature's charm
Carve a pumpkin masterpiece! Here's a trio of free templates from three talented Etsy sellers
"We believe the home should be a sanctuary..." Meet @hurdandhoney, makers of neat housewares
This represents the eternal
What should their names be?

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