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Carry this reminder It's all we need, right?
RT @mosmea: I'm so excited! Featured Shop on #etsy Thank you :-)
@MartineCarret hi there! I'll pass your tweet along to the appropriate team. Thanks!
@themotleyfool nice! In case you didn't see it yet, here's ours Happy giving = happy times!
Body art for flower children
Turn old books into fun home decor Thanks for the DIY inspiration, @followcharlotte!
You're the gem featured in this ring
@colarflower Nice! Come on in. We're glad to have you.
Nestled in a beautiful Maine farmhouse, Israel and Abigail's wedding was a dream come true. See pictures
Is this you?
What can fit inside of a bottle cap? Entire worlds
Make delicious tomato soup in six minutes Yum!
An #etsyxdossier experience is coming to NYC Meet some of the 30+ @etsywholesale designers picked by @dossierjournal.
Give with joy We're proud to support @alsassociation and @charitywater. #icebucketchallenge
RT @EtsyCA: Postcards from the #EtsyRoadTrip! If you didn't see us on the road, check out our adventures in our #video journal!…
"I strive to produce things that have been stripped down to their most basic and beautiful qualities." Meet Colin
@attackvintage Hi! Please email us at support[at] so that we can investigate this issue for you. Thanks!
Picture this: a grilled chocolate banana melt It's as delicious as it sounds!
Set the mood with a stunning shade of blue
Tell us: What items in your jewelry collection do you love most? Put them in a special place

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