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Independence Day Hawk
@JonahNRO Agreed
@colinmochrie @HollisBeck I am Spartacus
RT @TheOnion: Berkeley Campus On Lockdown After Loose Pages From ‘Wall Street Journal’ Found On Park Bench https://…
RT @ThomasSowell: "Our tax system penalizes those who are producing wealth in order to subsidize those who are only consuming it."
RT @JonahNRO: This jibes with everything I've heard from people who know Tillerson.
RT @blakeshelton: It's an old English word that means "I've accidentally stapled my scrotum to the inside of my leg"...…
RT @JohnCleese: I would like 2016 to be the year when people remembered that science is a method of investigation,and NOT a belief system
RT @HollisBeck: Merry Christmaaaaaas!
Joy To The World
RT @iowahawkblog: "Hassan! What are you doing? Get away from me!" "Shut up Abdul! Lie back and think of Jihad."
@HollisBeck Trendsetter
RT @larryelder: Thank you, Jon Stewart, for turning stupid people into smug stupid people! Well, done!!” "@iowahawk…
@HollisBeck you could be a pizza maker.
@larryelder The question is now "how many people believe in marriage?"
I refuse to live in a world without bacon.
RT @iowahawkblog: Voldemort. Voldemort. Voldemort.
RT @billmaher: Condemning attack is not enuf: unless U strongly endorse the right of anyone to make fun of any religion/prophet, U r not a …
RT @iowahawkblog: Why does the plating shop keep sending me invoices? Because chrome wasn't billed in a day.
RT @hughhewitt: From @JonahNRO: #Benghazi Made Simple via @NRO

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