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Does Big Oil Really Care About Vulnerable Communities? http://t.co/WjlXFJgU11
Landmark Report from DOE Highlights New Challenges, Opportunities for the Energy-Water Nexus http://t.co/x7dlswQNyF
EDF Weighs In on New York's Bold Effort to Build a New Electric Utility Business Model http://t.co/eBrNevYjRN
How Google Street View could save us from #climate change and gas explosions: http://t.co/voDenSqzbZ
'Google Street View Cars' Map Boston's Methane Leaks: http://t.co/Ab1oIsAUjd
Fishermen tangle lines in U.S. battle over popular red snapper: http://t.co/kH9lRTefRz
Mapping the California Companies Fueling a Cleaner Future http://t.co/aO9aPz6z6Z
Obama announces action to help local leaders prep for impacts of climate change http://t.co/F8jFZ48GN8 #resiliency
When news about corn's risky future pops up, we should all take note: http://t.co/fS8lZSQ0AW @GrowingReturns
Mapping the California Companies Fueling a Cleaner Future http://t.co/OR7LEiCGuI
Enough Drama, Texas has a Roadmap to Cut Pollution and Grow its Economy http://t.co/ba1rBLzUw5
RT: EDF_CA:Thanks to policies like #AB32, the green transportation industry is thriving in California http://t.co/EpiyIDKFrV
Do you live near a natural gas leak? Google Street View cars are finding out: http://t.co/tfXR7OLpwO via @StevenMufson
Google Street View Cars Find Hundreds of Gas Leaks in Cities: http://t.co/EvXpfqZQuQ by @gizmodo writer @sarahzhang
Today @USDA announced $236B for improved rural elec infrastructure in CA, FL, GA, KS, KY, IN, NC & VA http://t.co/CbPGDfYnzO
.@NOAA announces program to increase #resiliency of our coastlines http://t.co/I2v5T89F51 #Climate
New @FEMA guidance on re planning for hazards during extreme weather, esp #sealevelrise & flooding http://t.co/1RGFp5yW2S
EDF, Google @EarthOutreach and the most innovative trend in environmental protection: http://t.co/6l2QScFuE7 by @FredKrupp
Petroleum refinery rulemaking provides concrete opportunity to put #environmentaljustice into action http://t.co/eYXxswXKIT @EPA @WhiteHouse
EDF's @Jorgesays: EPA proposal to change status quo on petroleum refineries can't come soon enough http://t.co/0KpqnvMYtT #airpollution

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