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Been a while, last time I was here I was sneezing a lot. I am still sneezing a lot!! Seems to be the time of year.
Sneezed a few times today. Not happy about that :(
What has happened to Twitter? It has gone weird.
Enjoyable day at #educationfestival. I would recommend you follow @missingpeople to help their excellent work with missing people/children.
I love this Nursery :)
@bluedotdisplay Hello, long time no tweet. I hope all is good with you xx
May Day: via @YouTube
@BondlineBruce Sounds great. I am glad to be in contact with you again x
@BondlineBruce Thanks for the follow. Last week I was posted a photo on FB from 5 years ago that you took. I was wondering where you are. :)
RT @la_nursery: Parents and carers Little Angels Nursery hosting Open Morning May 20th from 9.30am
Old Time Music Hall 2: via @YouTube
Old Time Music Hall Part One: via @YouTube
currently listening to Nine Inch Nails thanks for the reminder @OldJohnnyYen
Someone is putting 2 and 2 together and making 58. They are so off it is untrue hahaha
@doug_segal See you soon Doug, have a good break xx
@PsychicYodeller @OldJohnnyYen @doug_segal You are no longer being banned. This is awesome news :)
@OldJohnnyYen @doug_segal @PsychicYodeller Me too: blocked him!
@OldJohnnyYen @doug_segal @PsychicYodeller Boo :( I have not been on all day. That sucks
@doug_segal @OldJohnnyYen @PsychicYodeller Superfly!
@BBCOne #AskPoldark Vampire or Poldark or Hobbit? Which was the most challenging?

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