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Evollve Inc. releases Evo, a smart and social robot... https://t.co/ePK72XwWaH @OZOBOT https://t.co/QtjVOvggxf
New company ‘Deck the Home’ releases laser light projector inspired by the classic film ‘A Christmas Story’ ...… https://t.co/YRUFTBA4VW
Interview with Gallery Petite owner Tyrome Tripoli... https://t.co/58c3zypUCn by @ArtsyCr8tive1 https://t.co/7WLK5T8orG
.@DrPandaGames presents 'Hoopa City 2'... https://t.co/F6XnoCKew0 article by @ArtsyCr8tive1 https://t.co/zDXzqOCTA6
Artist spotlight: Karen Fitzgerald (@FitzgeraldArt) ... https://t.co/B4ZH4htdYz by @ArtsyCr8tive1 https://t.co/2YxkKfL3vP
Interview with artist Fernande Lipton... https://t.co/m1P9ReNbGG by @ArtsyCr8tive1 https://t.co/Ho8uHYNsDu
Interview with author @MarySimses ... https://t.co/45Nu3CzbpY by @ArtsyCr8tive1 https://t.co/ArwyH2fZRS
Interview with photographer Nikos Mourkogiannis... https://t.co/N2EdUHsk8w by @ArtsyCr8tive1 https://t.co/eGqLzJs1So
Interview with artist and designer Cassie Scott, the founder of ‘Tiny Top Hats’ ... https://t.co/QlKsAfAw9o by… https://t.co/W1qbe1T2Q3
RT @wendyshepherd: Model and actress @LilyChee (Young Elektra from @Daredevil) is now on Twitter... https://t.co/EQ6OfOMrB7 https://t.co/5x…
Artist Spotlight: Katharine Ryals ... https://t.co/Aprpgrm1SM by @ArtsyCr8tive1 https://t.co/N4Mqw5GrUL
Interview with Menh Voong, founder of BeeFy Co. .. https://t.co/sIYTfBMooW by @ArtsyCr8tive1 https://t.co/gmXtcit0Dg
Artist spotlight: Murielle Vanhove (@MVVanhove)... https://t.co/bO7Q7whWCc by @ArtsyCr8tive1 https://t.co/e1tw3JbtkZ
Interview with Wendy Bryan Lazar, founder of ‘ @IHeartGuts’ ... https://t.co/RBlBuZyulo by @ArtsyCr8tive1 https://t.co/qqLZPeiL77
.@ArtWhino: Showcasing muralist and low-brow art... https://t.co/v5TOB7XHSA by @ArtsyCr8tive1 https://t.co/184Yb2xLAe
All about Stinky Dog (@StinkyDogBrand) ... https://t.co/6GCb5Ale0m by @ArtsyCr8tive1 https://t.co/y90x8I7yex
RT @ArtsyCr8tive1: Check out my interview with the amazing artist, designer toy creator and storyteller Kyle Kirwan: https://t.co/Y0RPkqyskm
RT @ArtsyCr8tive1: Thanks to Entertainment Vine for a truly wonderful interview: https://t.co/15oJnIvuHh
Interview with artist and designer toy inventor @Kyle_Kirwan, creator of ‘The Mudcat Chronicles’..… https://t.co/JeDrav1EFm
RT @janostegard: Check out my @EntertainVine interview with artist/author Meagan Meehan (@ArtsyCr8tive1): https://t.co/nQKcVVLgOP

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