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“No one cares about or wants to follow someone who’s just talking about themselves.” -- @jasonfried of @37signalsentm.ag/XMQYdh
How Taking Time Off Can Help You Get Ahead http://t.co/ZhvafQxEbp via @cnbc
Feel Dumb Asking for Advice? You'll Actually Appear More Competent. http://t.co/h4Fdpq4c9t by @lauraentis
Sprint Past the Competition With Location-Based Mobile Marketing http://t.co/DVPqSdHOiu by @johnrampton
"This takes work, and it’s not sexy. It’s hard work." -- @noahkagan on entrepreneurship http://t.co/Ct87fd2ecu
The Bathroom Line Gets a Speed Hack http://t.co/SNH4jQBPOu
How A Brooklyn Co-Working Space is Looking to Compete on the Global-Manufacturing Stage http://t.co/8KEspnG7fT by @CatClifford #EntNSBW
"So often interpreted as negative, I'm convinced that 'no' is one of the kindest words." http://t.co/yZCGIQC21b by @shalaburroughs
6 Ways Writing a Book Can Help Your Business http://t.co/0UXG5do7Mp by @WriteLisaEvans
You're not forgetful, your passwords are just too hard to remember. http://t.co/1fHg5Pxo0N via @CNBC
This Little Gadget Caused an Epic Airline Passenger Brawl http://t.co/C4kyAE89zP by @lauraentis
"I used to wake up every day with the same dread of going to work again. I hated my job." -- @KelseyRamsden http://t.co/zwmrfILQHo
Start (and finish) your holiday shopping in August with these entrepreneurial gifts http://t.co/GJ1RzQxSvN by @CatClifford
4 Simple Steps to Plan a Successful Tweetup http://t.co/rvduoVKAmZ by @AnnTran_
4 Startup Founders Under 30 to Keep an Eye On http://t.co/tVUOrmqrz6 by @matthewtoren
Naive optimism fuels the dream of building your own company but when you launch, it is time to get real. http://t.co/2wVGx252nl
GoPro Finally Launches a Camera Harness for Man's Best Friend http://t.co/Mpn9KvxtId by @LaShandrow
A new online service aims to find accommodations for brave, broke college students who are traveling. http://t.co/TwxMRZWtY5
Advice From 14 Experts for Getting Online Traction for Your Startup http://t.co/otPHZk0qLB by @murraynewlands
How to Get the Most Out of an Accelerator Program http://t.co/ADBx6doPfd by @moritzplassnig

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