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We LOVE our readers (+ followers!) with a capital L. You seriously rock. Thank you for making us smile every single day. xo
Want to plan your day? It's easier with a theme-- Pick one in my book! #haiku #shamelesspromo #winacopy http://t.co/llNcWatDpQ :):)
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@dspdavey Yes! It's the worst
Seriously you guys. Shots are the worst.
Baby got his shots I probably cried the most Being a mom is tough. #haiku
7 Free-Spirited Bohemian Wedding Ideas (+ Giveaway!) http://t.co/wDyUoxVkjx on @bloglovin
RT @UltimateWedMag: @EmmalineBride I currently love Kelly Clarkson's Underneath The Tree :-)
Favorite #Christmas song? GO! (mine: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas)
My alarm slept in His name is Baby Andrew Thank you from Mommy #dailyhaiku
And then I said, "Are you serious? My parents are awesome and you don't deserve to meet them." BOOM ROASTED. #WorstDatein5Words #Part2
"Let's get it over with." #meetingmyparents #whatajerk #myparentsareawesome #firstdateever #WorstDateIn5Words
I pick up things in the store, change my mind, and leave them somewhere else. I KNOW I'M TERRIBLE. #NaughtyListBecause @midnight #cantstop
I leave empty shampoo bottles in the shower. #NaughtyListBecause @midnight
@bigmacher @midnight Ew that's disgusting!
I wrapped all the gifts But have nowhere to put them Cat-zone under tree. #dailyhaiku
Weirdness Wedding Sign http://t.co/DqYVr4jJLg on @bloglovin
Marsala Wedding Ideas: 2015 Wedding Color http://t.co/qGRWxylWib on @bloglovin
Marsala Wedding Ideas: 2015 Color of the Year http://t.co/Lpwlq07o7C

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