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Did you see Day 29's #Wedding Hairstyle? http://t.co/TdSM6H4pWS
Did the writers of @SabotageMovie have anything else to say other than the F-bomb? Srsly, every five seconds.
@WoodlandsBride Thank you oh-so-much!
@lacandellawedd Oh good! I wanted to make sure! :) Great to hear. They're beautiful photos!
@lacandellawedd Is she supposed to be able to use those for the listings? If not, we can have them removed. Thank you!
This is one of my most favorite posts ever! http://t.co/OSfE3WJiH8
Week 1 of #EBFIT just went out to our lovely fitness gurus! If you're not on the list, what are you waiting for? http://t.co/jOJwqNBRLy
How to Setup a Margarita Bar and Wow Your Guests http://t.co/WwoErIP6fQ
Here's the news story: http://t.co/DEHN4iwczp So sad.
@MindyJoyM Without a question!
Pls take a look & consider helping... this precious 14 y.o. girl was murdered walking her dog last wk by my hometown http://t.co/JZ4gCzPqOE
@MindyJoyM Everyday calls for a cupcake.
"...Nebraska Jones, she'll have your nose, just so you knowwww..." #settledown #kimbra @kimbramusic
The cake was totally delicious, by the way.
I went to a 1 year bday party & one of the kids took a bite of cake, made a face, & gave it back to the hostess. "Gross." #kidsarehilarious
Chalkboard Style Wedding Invitations Giveaway http://t.co/Cjm3trMMjm
@savvybride Thanks, Jessica!
On another note, ha, we're going to launch our EBFIT this week so if you're not on the list you better get to it! http://t.co/eF4RnrtjV8
Clerk at gas station asked if I wanted cookies- "No, trying to quit," I said + he said, "Dammmn girl, you look good to me!" So there's that.

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