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Just got a pedicure & only 4 of my toes were successfully cracked and I feel so uncomfortable in this OCD moment might just get up and leave
The subtle touching of the behind is v true friendship. https://t.co/qyjj3uL9xR
@P_TheSavage_ who knows, I do as I'm told
@whatwhatj definitely not haha. That's a completely different character!
@lozza929406 that line was an alt given off hand by one of our prop masters! Genius!
@ARosewoodLiar hoping to come back as a ghost
@SteveScarola we are no longer a band. A classic ego story.
When you ask your colorblind boyfriend to grab you the brown sugar packet... https://t.co/Cg0libpkPP
It feels good to be a woman today. Most days it just feels alright, but TODAY FEELS VERY COOL.
@megjohnsonn do you know this persons Twitter handle? Can't find it
@megjohnsonn I read this article too, and it really upset me
Clearly we own a velociraptor https://t.co/t3fMsxJ1Cc
@Chillamson remember the diving board and Santa
Lol remember Vine?
Donald Trump: "Law and Order? Great show, fantastic, one of the best. What's more to say? China." #RNC
@MrStephenHeath blocked
@thegriffster I'm prepared. Also I'm just seeing your text, I have no idea what I was doing. Something that caused me to be away from fone?
@thegriffster I can't handle the stress of tonight
If your boyfriend uses the only female avatar on Star Wars Battlefront does that make Tatooine a feminist planet also this is joke relax
Egos is something the Wu-Tang crush

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Os-MENT: A haphazardly small blonde person. Unfortunately unrelated to the successful American singing barbershop family with the similar sounding last name.

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