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Saw Tracks with Mia Wasikowska & Adam Driver last night. So completely inspired-a definite must see "All you need is hope, jokes and a dog"
RT @Deadline: ABC Family Picks Up ‘Stitchers’ And ‘Young & Hungry’, Cancels ‘Mystery Girls’, Passes On ‘Unstrung’ http://t.co/zJzhczBL6o
RT @THR: ABC Family Orders Procedural 'Stitchers' to Series, Renews 'Young & Hungry' http://t.co/nGDM7vKJvX
Very happy to announce Young & Hungry has been picked up for Season Two!!! THE COOKING CONTINUES NEXT YEAR ON ABC FAMILY ❤️🍝👸
RT @Variety: ABC Family Orders New Drama ‘Stitchers,’ Renews ‘Young & Hungry,’ Cancels ‘Mystery Girls’ http://t.co/5tE3klxWNQ
You know it's gonna be a good day when a policeman is playfully hand cuffing a child outside your local bagel shop.
@kellllywrobel tell her to dream about me instead. Is this weird ?
@And_Holmes Canadians....
"Why can't you get leather wet? Cows can go in the rain!" -overheard at the Cheesecake Factory
This Fox News commercial just promoted a story about why Miss America got kicked out of her sorority. Also just found out my brain can cry.
@hwillians11 probably not. Lol
Didn't think tonight would be the night. But, it was. Emily: I like your Louboutins Denise Richards: I like your knee socks
@rhythmiccyrus yep
"Mom can we go to urban outfitters after school? I need new fuzzy raver diaper shorts!" http://t.co/mEaVMNmNav
TUSK opens this Friday! Official Trailer Kevin Smith Horror Movie http://t.co/g66MdHoIHi @haleyjoelosment
Was not warned properly b4 seeing @HaleyJoelOsment 's new movie TUSK last night & now I have irrational fears of Manitoba & 7/11 Big Gulps.
@SCHOUTOUT I coulda cheated and I coulda passed
RT @ThatKevinSmith: For those asking aboot the @YogaHosers pics of @HaleyJoelOsment, Haley is playing the Canadian Fuhrer, Adrien Arcand: h…
Hi. @RexLee_ #MacysGlamorama http://t.co/lcoLBH64dM
So many jokes I wanna make about finally bein able 2 tell time via my wrist. Feel like I've been on that level for a minute. Oh there's one.

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