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Air guitaring at the nail salon trying to explain why I don't want my calluses removed. Hey girl. Why you even here. Just leave. Go home.
@aimeecarrero seeeeeeeee I'm not a magic dog lady I just pretend to be https://t.co/IBnZQJxnAk
RT @domingojuan: The classy sibling duo of @EmilyOsment and @HaleyJoelOsment having a great time w/ @ToddKrim http://t.co/JFmC5NiURC
@ConstanceZimmer no one wants to be invisible
That was a super subtle brag that I met Neil Degrasse Tyson last night.
"My brain is always functioning at a very high speed"- @neiltyson last night. "Your brain is expanding just like the universe!" Emily. Stop.
RT @darbysofficial: LOVED serving with you amazingly chic women on the @TheCreativeC #ArtsAdvocacyDay this weekend. #WHCD2015 http://t.co/o…
White House Correspondents Dinner with some dude I know: @haleyjoelosment https://t.co/oSTM8EesAw
Congrats on your film @DavidHenrie !@LittleBoyFilm #LittleBoyMovie
Your night isn't complete unless your uber driver thinks you're Hayden Panettiere and then completely explains the plot of Heroes. For 20min
RT @BaileeMadison: #WHITEHOUSE BATHROOM SQUAD! @EmilyOsment @SleepintheGardn @AlannaMasterson @GabbySidibe @RealMichelleT #creativedc http:…
#Repost @sleepinthegardn Green means go-Bama. Obama. You get it. #thecreativecoalition ⁰・・・⁰Um. We… https://t.co/LYYqdSHXML
WOOHOO! https://t.co/meg1EaCWuU
RT @GabbySidibe: On our way to lunch in the Senate Member Dining Room with @CYGMakeup and @EmilyOsment with the @TheCreativeC http://t.co/B…
Been a very surreal day running around on Capitol Hill meeting senators&congressmen w/ @TheCreativeC ! Let's put some art back in congress!
Steph Curry that was dope, but please keep your mouth guard in your mouth though. Love, your mom.
@PSchwarzenegger @JimmyTatro have you guys met or something ?
You can swim? @HaleyJoelOsment: I'm in @jonwayne 's new video #Minerals&Gems -> http://t.co/5oalQsPQwB http://t.co/ceh22vXwU7

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Os-MENT: A haphazardly small blonde person. Unfortunately unrelated to the successful American singing barbershop family with the similar sounding last name.

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