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@ChrisChinPierce http://t.co/M7n0X7uPEf #parttimemodel
@ChrisChinPierce you're the most beautiful girl in the...room. In the whole wide room.
The trailer for San Andreas is really freaking me out. Anyone else? It's shocking..........I mean JEEZ DOES CARLA GUGINO AGE??
#tbt http://t.co/5Dn0kxkkcA
What did you guys think of last night's episode? Gabi needs to FIGURE IT OUT.
@dianeanieka the feels! Thanks for watching !!
@CastorenaRosie do it !
@Nap_Roberson9 improv, gents!
@Mels_Charm1209 🔥
@YoungeryForever lovin your username!
@OfficialBillie woohoo! Thank you!
@blondie201019 That was the idea!!! Good catch! Why was I so much tanner???
@sadowski23 This was the strangest interview of my life. https://t.co/rT3T3JrLjY #burritos
Officer, you don't understand. I just saw Mad Max. "Oooh ya we're gettin a lot of those tonight. Just stop shooting arrows out of your car."
@robdelaney just couldn't stop picturing Daryl Hannah from blade runner the whole damn time http://t.co/OpAnl6qgIX
And then Tom Hardy was like "Charlize! Stop texting and driving! Remember how you lost the first arm!"
@therealbempoor I was literally at CVS trying to decide between cylindrical and cube 4 minutes ago. I went with cube.
@MalloryJansen come home and get all the teen vogue magazines you subscribed to. Are you into these #effortlesswaves http://t.co/G66KiZL5Tr
Dear CVS, I will not try 2cook meth w/ my Mucinex tea. Pls stop carding me. Also why isn't this my bio for Twitter.
Getting carded trying to buy Mucinex is almost as embarrassing as getting carded for sitting in the exit row. I AM OVER 18. PLEASE. SOMEONE.

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Os-MENT: A haphazardly small blonde person. Unfortunately unrelated to the successful American singing barbershop family with the similar sounding last name.

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