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@sadowski23 @MiguelAPinzon all I know is I should have tapped out when Voltaggio was walking around the house with a steak knife
Hey @MiguelAPinzon remember that crazy return I had in that ping pong game last night & almost went through a window but made the table? Me2
Who's doing it right? Who has ping pong injuries from last night? Who's killing it? Girl, you already know.
“@MiguelAPinzon: 'About Last Night' @EmilyOsment @sadowski23” Dude.
RT @sadowski23: Just jamming out to some @jessemccartney with wree #superbad #YOUNGANDHUNGRY http://t.co/CXQll1Pf41
@robdelaney don't be #jelly-ous
Hey Santa, can I get some fresh strings please? Holy cow, Batman. http://t.co/BpxgrzFqTE
"Yoo sorry my phone died, my snake wrapped the wire of my charger around itself and I couldn't pull it away!" #tryingnewexcuses
If I die prematurely, I swear, twelve solo albums can be found in my computer. #yourenobodytilsomebodykillsyou #biggie is this a #tbt ? ...
This boy warms my heart. 💕 #Repost @jessemccartney ⁰・・・⁰Gabi and Cooper are back!! Me and wree on… http://t.co/ftJOi9Ih0B
Dismiss the replaceable, forgettable and uninspired, and find yourself to be unmistakably exuberant.
RT @RexLee_: @EmilyOsment hard at work http://t.co/BGoq3RR3Eh
"Game recognize game" @Kym whitley @YoungandHungry http://t.co/pVRMOVK9jj
Emily: "Since when is there NOT a time for comedy??" Customs: "Literally right now"
@brandojay @devbostick @MaxTopplin LOLOL YAAAS
@devbostick @MaxTopplin oh man. I've never seen that angle of max before.
@mitchelmusso just found these. Please ignore the...gum? Is it gum? #mitchylovesemmy http://t.co/zIVMVkBf2S
I just need someone who can keep up with me...you know, someone who can put on all their clothes while still wearing a robe like I just did.
RT @nwkeyes: Tonight is the last night you can see the show I created & directed -come immersive yourself, tickets http://t.co/O9pJrEohXL #…

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Os-MENT: A haphazardly small blonde person. Unfortunately unrelated to the successful American singing barbershop family with the similar sounding last name.

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