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RT @justjaredjr: Read our interview with @EmilyOsment. She chats about music, @YoungandHungry and Rainbow Brite! http://t.co/yargCvzybI
“@MalloryJansen: @EmilyOsment brings me late night milk and cookies 🍪🍪❤️ http://t.co/rapE26zxL9” 🍪💕roomie love!
@brianaevigan_2 ok good I was worried I just realized I don't have your number either haha I'll dm you.
@PeteThoughts legends of goddick
This baby is 2 soft! This baby is 2 hard! This baby is juuuuust plastic. On set @PeteThoughts for @loveisALUneed http://t.co/er63EoBZ7z
@devbostick ⛳️
Vince Gilligan writing the Breaking Bad spin off right here in echo park! Wow! #BetterCallSaul http://t.co/9RrXvHJRSN
"Paul, did you tag me yet?" #thriving http://t.co/hwBsZjpIZI
Wrapped day one on @LoveIsALUneed !Spent all day in a cemetery! Smilin! Yeah! http://t.co/g4BFMwznj7
“@CodyLinley7: #TBT Shout out to @EmilyOsment back in the day, doing the scary movie thing. #HalloweenTimes http://t.co/tGvZh1djtK” Woooah
Can't wait for all those Happy Halloween texts from all those same people who keep trying to add me on LinkedIn.
@SethGreen so you think you can just leave work and get Rich to say hi to me for you ?
Young and Hungry has been nominated for a People's Choice Award! Make sure you vote here --> http://t.co/pCBf72zxS4
I just posted an epic on Facebook if anyone cares to know the intimate details of my life as a human girl. http://t.co/vNa8virnCO
“@popstarmagazine: @EmilyOsment looked adorbs this past weekend at #HalloweenHorrorNights! http://t.co/DGgAHa4bzb” Thanks @HorrorNights !!
@EmilyOsmentDE thank you!
RT @justjaredjr: Who has questions for @EmilyOsment? Send them our way using #AskJJJ! @YoungandHungry
RT @Deadline: Jeremy Sisto & More Join ‘Love Is All You Need,’ Kea Ho Gets ‘Urge’ http://t.co/nZgx9NVFjL
RT @SAGFoundation: In case you missed our #Conversations with @HaleyJoelOsment on his new film #SexEd, here ya go! http://t.co/3fPfIZqQ2p @…
How many Americans does it take 2 book a flight to Australia w/ a French airline representative while popping champagne/screaming/hugging?

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Os-MENT: A haphazardly small blonde person. Unfortunately unrelated to the successful American singing barbershop family with the similar sounding last name.

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