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This morning's protein shake has managed to smell like chlorine! A great start!
#NowPlaying Na Na Nah! (ft. Timbuktu) Movits! • Out Of My Head on #Spotify http://t.co/KzgpMFnPpQ
RT @justjaredjr: Woohoo @YoungandHungry is coming back March 25th@ @EmilyOsment @sadowski23 http://t.co/Hc4fgBCFSw http://t.co/wi9VL3wULp
Season 2 of Young & Hungry premieres MARCH 25TH on ABC Family! I think it was chill to tweet this, but also I just couldn't wait any longer.
Just called to make sure my roommate was home before I listened to the last episode of Serial in the car. Cuz that's what brave people do.
Blazin trails on the Oregon coast today. Once a goonie always a goonie. http://t.co/ukMG8bbsbF
@devbostick YAR !!!!
@Into_the_Music_ hahah
Every single person on my flight to Portland has teal streaks in their hair. Every single person. Didn't know mermaids could fly.
@maebirdwing srsly sobbing. Please, can you stop making me cry every week.
You guys! Yeah! @cedricyarbrough @sadowski23 @kymwhitley @youngandhungry preshoots ! http://t.co/ebaQNnOV16
@JDel I think we found GHOSTface Killah over here. A+ ! Back in NYC in March must be seeing you & meeshy again. Less injuries this time pls
@SCHOUTOUT also how hot was my hair tie removal and couch mount today. Just say yes.
@SCHOUTOUT at 71% will I make it????
@23_Imperfection Friends has been on Netflix for 2 weeks and you're already on season 8. It's ok I'm single too.
. @jcster0 you're sending me a lot of photos that look like Michael J Fox disappearing in Back To The Future. Just wondering why here.
I'm just doing my best here.
Going 2 a dinner party where I know 0 peoples. Gonna use "permission to come aboard" when entering new convos in order 2make lots of friends
@kevinmenzel yeah! That's what my dad said! I have a landline and a dad I'm killing it!

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