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@neenah0429 hilarious
Just saw a baby drinking a red bull at Target. This is why China is beating us. #earthday
Check out this little ditty I wrote and recorded for A Daughter's Nightmare coming May 3rd in Lifetime. http://t.co/CpIdz6cwSW
If you see anyone in north hollywood riding a retro yellow schwinn it's stolen, it's mine, and you should hurt them.
RT @glynnifer: @josswhedon surprised the world and released his movie to everyone today for $5. Watch now! http://t.co/XymfTj6pwY #JossWhed…
And a very nice first day on season one of Young & Hungry it was. Stilettos with my apron on set daily for the next 3 months. I am Beyonce.
RT @devbostick: New vid up starring @Aimeeteegarden @anniejclark @EmilyOsment @MisElizaJane @popgloss at http://t.co/pfqTsSdFwL!! The conte…
Riff Raff what are you doing in Vegas?? http://t.co/pv8xaIQb6F
Clippers. Come on.
Couples that Jordan together. Stay together. http://t.co/4r0xdurtxJ
@dazzlingosment I live in LA
Just got a lady uber driver! Haha! Joke's on me! This is fun! Let's miss the 405 entrance again!
Can has air date! A Daughter's Nightmare will be premiering May 3rd on Lifetime 8/7c #daughtersnightmare http://t.co/WCSTWbldfj
@chocogirl516 oh my god Danny DeVito I love your work!!
That was my best idea yet and none of you have ever watched Taxi.
My new novel. Andy Kaufman and the Strawberry Moon Surprise featuring R.E.M and Danny DeVito.
@likethefirstday who is Mart? Do I know him?
@pauloravi hahahaha
@jcgayo teehehehehhehehehe
@MeghanBullard high five me...GO!

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Os-MENT: A haphazardly small blonde person. Unfortunately unrelated to the successful American singing barbershop family with the similar sounding last name.

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