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RT @EW: Exclusive: @YoungandHungry trailer teases what's to come in second half of season 2: http://t.co/gtBjKgqER6 http://t.co/m3HQbXpVsE
@RexLee_ this is your new favorite Twitter account --> @EmrgencyKittens
Who switched my Waze voice language from Elvis to Spanish?? ¡¡Usted está en un gran problema!!
RT @MalloryJansen: Attention all fellow Aussies: Tonight is the night @YoungandHungry will be premiering on @FOX8tv at 6:30pm!! 🍝🍧🇦🇺 http:/…
Just watched the pilot of Scandal at the gym. Ha ha ha ha there goes the next two weeks. @georgenewbern @darbysofficial
@KylieParrilla_ #bloodline
dream of californication
@RaeRanFan29 I don't
@willyfoster8 no way! Throwback
Dad wasn't down to make it a double feature with Magic Mike XXL after Ant-Man tonight. It's okay though, he bought me milk duds. #dad
@killerfan31 oh absolutely
@sorryisthispunk for sure not me, but that's pretty funny
Happy birthday @kymwhitley here's a picture of our boys. http://t.co/zwOXcNYTQq
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYM!! @ W Hollywood https://t.co/giY71KauEM
@JimmyTatro this is your fault!!! http://t.co/eLujBUQ1k4
SUPER impressed by my very dear friend Purin, this is his Ted Talk in Bangkok. A must watch. http://t.co/xfewvsdlsw
@ksmiles2 you better be watchin!
@Daylion_Kemp 100%
@TomJohnson314 yep

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Os-MENT: A haphazardly small blonde person. Unfortunately unrelated to the successful American singing barbershop family with the similar sounding last name.

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