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RT @ProPublica: Trump said he's resigned from his businesses. We checked. He hasn't. https://t.co/p9n9HgOI0T https://t.co/jpkwu3f8hk
I'll wait. https://t.co/pVirTDjv6r
RT @evanrachelwood: "Why didnt these people vote?" Um...we did. Almost 3 million more actually.
@RobPulseNews @seanspicer Where is the pic he says the @nytimes posted?
@seanspicer Obama's was bigger. Get over it #snowflake.
RT @GeorgeTakei: If Trump's "grab them by the pussy" didn't offend you, you don't get to complain about people telling Trump to fuck off.
RT @TPM: Chris Wallace fires back at Priebus' "ridiculous" argument over crowd size https://t.co/fBDAfh6LMq https://t.co/BzoyocaNoA
RT @tomcolicchio: Speaker Ryan is conducting a poll on the Affordable care act. Call his office and follow the prompts (202) 225-0600
RT @PPIAction: Actions start now! #FeministToDoList #saveACA https://t.co/QQTa5oA408
RT @markberman: D.C. police reported zero march-related arrests today https://t.co/S80Fx6Tvam
RT @cmanduley: the aerials out of chicago #womensmarch are something else https://t.co/ucvwtVzYM5
RT @ZachStafford: An aerial view of the Chicago #WomensMarch right now (+150k people). https://t.co/0OufEmSWU2
RT @GottaLaff: Crowd Scientists Say #TeamFacts 👉🏼 Women’s March in Washington Had 3 Times as Many People as Trump Inauguration https://t.c…
RT @Weiss_Tea: "Alternative Facts" are lies. The administration is gaslighting America. No thinking person should be idly allowing this. Th…
RT @ACLU: The remarks by President Trump's press secretary ring of McCarthyism and will lead to losing legal battles. Our response below. h…
RT @ChrisCaesar: Me, a man wearing a cowboy hat, challenged women to fight me, but they, decided to laugh at me instead; why cant i get ere…
What wrong snowflake? @POTUS ##MAGA https://t.co/EjJhuOKMRA
RT @JYSexton: If you are pessimistic, if you feel like all hope is lost, remember: these are not serious people, they're not competent. The…
RT @RealTimeWWII: American workers urged to "keep punching" & smack Nazis in the face every day: https://t.co/1ytDVD0PPS
Is this making America great @realDonaldTrump @POTUS ? Really? Pathetic. #MAGA #WomensMarch https://t.co/mGYYCupxxc

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