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Eloi Kummetz bets you didn’t know sugar cane had anything to do with biofuel. Read about it here: http://t.co/0S83DpNi
Eloi Kummetz | Kummetz Corp focuses on keeping our project developments environmentally friendly.
Eloi Kummetz | Kummetz Corp is currently developing 90k acres in Brazil to help create biofuels for export/use within Brazil.
Eloi Kummetz | Kummetz Corporation currently has projects in Africa, Bolivia, Columbia, and Spain.
Eloi Kummetz - Brazil is a great resource for Ethanol, with the country being the number one source for the fuel.
Eloi Kummetz is looking forward to expanding new business opportunities within Europe.
Eloi Kummetz is proud of the Kummetz Corp team for bringing highest quality of service to our global relationships.
Eloi Kummetz hopes to make blood pressure testing more readily available to Brazil and E Africa with innovative medical equipment.
Eloi Kummetz - working to develop medical equipment that will provide immediate testing results of crucial health issues in Brazil/E Africa.
Eloi Kummetz has a personal investment in making sure Brazilian citizens get access to educational resources, housing and basic necessities.
Eloi Kummetz seeks to work with countries that aren’t currently ranking at the top for cement production– a great opportunity!
Eloi Kummetz | Did you know that beef exports are large money-makers for Brazil?
Eloi Kummetz – We are changing the world by bringing technologies to parts of the world that don’t have them!
Eloi Kummetz – New article posted at http://t.co/qizmgB7j
Eloi Kummetz | Kummetz Corporation is now taking on a new field: cement production.
Eloi Kummetz – Kummetz Corp is a financial services firm focusing on small to mid-size companies.
Eloi Kummetz can be found online at http://t.co/ItVh0R9K
Eloi Kummetz | By extracting oils indigenous to Africa, Kummetz Corporation hopes to help create products for export.
Eloi Kummetz | Did you know that Moroccan Argan is widely used for skin, nail, and hair health?
Eloi Kummetz just posted a new article at http://t.co/BB6hPfH8

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Eloi Kummetz, founder of the Kummetz Corporation, overseas the procurement of new business ventures for his firm.

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