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Awesome! I got $171.14 so far just doing some surveys. http://t.co/BOEIWozn0a
@DuckDynastyAE #JACK wins #DuckDynasty swag! #QuackPackIsBack
RT @DuckDynastyAE: It's on like bing bong #JACK! RT if you're watching! #DuckDynasty #QuackPackIsBack #DuckNation http://t.co/ngaudBXRgn
@jharrison9292 make my Christmas!
I've been selling quite a few of these lately - I think it's starting to heat up outside!! Here comes flip flop weather
Watching The Big Bang Theory with Viggle Thu | 10PM | TBS HD Get real rewards just for watching TV. #BigBangTheory #viggle
Hottie George back on the show!!!
If Erin stays i quit watching
Happy Easter to all! What a great day to turn 31 years old!
Love this movie so much. Watching The Ten Commandments
listed the Amethyst Druzy Ring - list price does not include discount for FB fans - message me for discount code... http://t.co/0aJFHhp2
I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album "" http://t.co/Oo9QNQtG
I made an awesome ring tonight - also a pendant but I'm in love with the ring. Lucky for someone else I didn't... http://t.co/EnIrwc6E
Just sold a piece to a lady from Hurricane WV - I know that means nothing to anyone else but that is sooooo close... http://t.co/cVA8X1k8
Watching NCIS and loving Jethro!
Watching Cupcake Wars - yum!
Come on KY - i need you to choke Watching Indiana vs. Kentucky
Watching Ohio vs. North Carolina Down with the Tarheels
Okay seriously - is she sleeping with Ceelo bc that was scary bad
Erin was so terrible - hate her voice so much. Grates on my ears

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Originally from WV I'm a Jewelry artist and new mom who never has enough time for it all. Go Bobcats!!

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