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Working on some watercolour sketches live today!
Working on an oil painting on stream today!
Work in progress. https://t.co/sJAdCAQQwa
@TheRichAntArt made a vlog about how she creates her prints, using our collab as an example. https://t.co/xlZ4107Yk0
This collab between @therichantart and myself is now available for purchase at… https://t.co/WdX8mkjWmW
A couple of months ago Lowe's was gonna throw this guy in the garbage. He had frost damage and… https://t.co/sRtErH0b1E
@_rchen @sheepfuzz @obstkhanisar ahhhhhhhhdorbz.
Colored pencils, watercolor maybe?? #drawing #sketch #illustration #painting: https://t.co/u4vOkoXpe5 via @YouTube
New video! https://t.co/9F1zExgJZn
New video up! Watercolor sketchbook painting https://t.co/sr39RKk4MU
#ColoredPencil Drawing - Ela Steel Lowbrow #art - #art #oilpainting #artist: https://t.co/RHmoi0uTzh via @YouTube
Oil #Painting - Ela Steel Lowbrow #art - #art #oilpainting #artist: https://t.co/M0jTPdK3Wr via @YouTube
@TheRichAntArt gah the youtube chat wasn't working for me, just twitch! Hopefully next time.
RT @TheRichAntArt: https://t.co/WfyQkwritz watching a live oil painting by @elasteel
Hey @forexposure_txt "Here's what I need designed. I am only looking for three, so I am not interested in paying you a design fee."
@TheRichAntArt <3 <3
New speed painting video! Oil painting of my texas prickly pear flowering - https://t.co/SCPlxL312j #speedpainting #art #lowbrow #texas
@ThinkeryATX @drafthouse AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
lol! now @delta wants to put me in the middle seat, in a middle row, back of plane, on 9hr flight when I originally paid for comfort+ YEAH!
@Delta Oh, believe me, you won't be able to help. Delta made up a random second confirmation, deleted my first, then deleted my second.

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I make art, eat vegetables and travel. In that order.

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