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Just posted a photo http://t.co/1uvLilJFnt
I won't give in.
can't wait for my new room to be like this 😻 @ Tampines Ikea http://t.co/yWK8MUoz9d
β€œ@Muffinsee: Next years humanities paper http://t.co/ceZ7BL9ZDH”
fitting and altering my outfit for my sister's big day this Saturday πŸ‘°πŸŽ© http://t.co/DdMDPEe4sg
β€œ@rchlwngx: What's a relationship without trust?”
I think you forgotten the feeling of "doing things alone".
Empty promises again.
@TngJianKai that's my sister new house, was helping her out la! Haha I still stuck at bloody yishun LOL
@TngJianKai sure man 😸🌴
@TngJianKai hahahaha I'm ok la. Just saying haha
@TngJianKai ya la. I mean it's none of my business, just find it annoying
@TngJianKai everybody is doing it for fun. Find it very annoying. Is like "kiyomi" you know. Everybody do it for attention for themselves.
@TngJianKai Ya I know! I know they're trying to draw attention from the whole world so that people can donate! But from what I do everybody
Ice bucket challenge is getting pointless,80% of the people I know didn't even donate. Helping the charity or for fun? Suck my dick instead.
just casually fighting batman in the comic book, nothing special! @ Gotham City http://t.co/0hygbQmOID
Just posted a photo http://t.co/MSgQBFglUb
In the making of a new property 🏠 @ Punggol http://t.co/5CHsfSMXcI
Waiting for our new furniture to arrive!! @ Pungol http://t.co/b8cg05IE8Y
@HirokiYe hmmmmm

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