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RT @Leefugly: So close yet so far.
Such a cold night, wish someone can be with me 24/7.
At least i stopped crying.
RT @SheeeRatchet: Let's make White Chicks 2 happen!!! http://t.co/gCXJxfH7Gc
Just posted a photo @ Jack's Place https://t.co/XHAbiYqygo
Since when friends became so disgusting and annoying as fuck? A lot of things have changed.
@tatteredhopes LOL #blow
Annoying agent..
You are lame. Fk off.
RT @allkpop: 2NE1's CL hangs out with Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Scott http://t.co/pXdwQ8QfJE http://t.co/u3aXFEBD4I
see you guys soon 🎁🎉 @ Oasia Hotel Singapore https://t.co/zNDIGM2o5I
it's like a day dream. @ Oasia Hotel Singapore https://t.co/3Vuomnk3iZ
RT @wtfmrl: She's gorgeous sia 😭😭😍 http://t.co/qK3Li9Exvg
Do sibling until like that just because of a boy? .. Not worth it please.
Why Dota not working :(
@tiqahtiqah_ @HeyNoorAliffe @hahaharitz (:
@HeyNoorAliffe @tiqahtiqah_ @hahaharitz awesome!!!!
RT @tiqahtiqah_: Were just talking to Aliffe how much we miss the QVM'13 yesterday, especially the names we called each other
@tiqahtiqah_ @HeyNoorAliffe @hahaharitz ok next time meet for prata and yishun' miss you guys too Muack
@HeyNoorAliffe @tiqahtiqah_ @hahaharitz talked about me? You guys gossip about me????!!! You guys backstab me? Sigh

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