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“@CHlLDHOODRUINER: stop 😂 http://t.co/6e9e1xgylq”
@paintmewhimsy I know I am, thank you for saying that :)
moshi moshi! @ Causeway Point, Singapore https://t.co/uPYZGR6r2I
The queen of talk cock @xinyis @ZacZivan
I am nervous about tomorrow.
@camiliagoh I miss them too
Can you don't? I'm not stealing anyone LOL @tatteredhopes
When besties sabotaging each other.. guess who is next? HAHA http://t.co/sVTt40LXaN
@Leefugly ok! Wanted to say nice jacket haha.
@Leefugly that's you?
@urghwhatever your so tan
@ZacZivan ok no prob.
@ZacZivan bro tomorrow meet for dinner
just a small little things, as a human you can't even do it. That's just show how terrible you are.
I cannot stand your bloody attitude, your making everybody suffer, please change, thanks.
@ZacZivan come out eh
today's plan: watch finish another episode of black rose drama, eat and then make a big decision about something important.
RT @aka_ian: "@SuperheroFeed: Welcome back to the 90's, folks. http://t.co/IM6EfhPyzR" lmao my life sia this one

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