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“@rchlwngx: Anybody can make you sad but only you can choose if they make you miserable.”
@ehsyazzy @TBVines @sillymeyh @holapixie hahahha and that high pitch devi made lol
time for dinner, the view here is awesome 🎑🌊 @ NRSCC http://t.co/k3TFU75C3o
Selling Taiwan's Cap $9.50 http://t.co/NXX0sYXPIE #carousell @thecarousell http://t.co/UQLVZluwDJ
@glendenkua HAHAHAHA oops secret please
@glendenkua Instagram HAHAHAHA if twitter I will delete hehe
@Jacquelinehre it's ok ah. Hahaha if you spoil x-men then I will kill you
@Jacquelinehre haha I wanna see how the guy become gay haha so weird
@Jacquelinehre hmmmm shall watch it soon
@Jacquelinehre whooooooo
at Bugis with love. http://t.co/WKDOo1OmPc
FML @xinyis lol
@CHERYLKOHH @LiangJingEn ya sia
@paintmewhimsy ya I do. My vocal is improving. Hehe HAHAHAHHAA
@paintmewhimsy LOL
@n4thans0h just let him be, what are the chances that your going to find out who is he anyway.
@n4thans0h ignorance is blissed
@paintmewhimsy :p
@paintmewhimsy don't call me bitch, I am very decent and educated now HAHA miss you too !

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