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RT @STCommunities: Sexy K-pop starlet HyunA twerks her way to Red solo return http://t.co/wP4AbCm89P http://t.co/IMRYeIxELT
Some friends only knows how to pull you down straight to failure.
Selling Nikon J1 for $700 http://t.co/FVmP1CPENx #carousell @thecarousell
“@harooldx33: taking steps each day”
RT @ArianaGrande: Bang Bang - @JessieJ feat me & @NickiMinaj out now http://t.co/P09WOhol3B #BuyBangBangOniTunes 💜💜
Selling Looking For Bucket Cap.. $0 http://t.co/cqqQOIYYRz #carousell @thecarousell http://t.co/BOJET27mbd
Selling Looking For Bucket Cap.. for $0 http://t.co/cqqQOIYYRz #carousell @thecarousell
@ithinkufunny @FrederickToh_ @JerolBobby stupid china
@ithinkufunny @FrederickToh_ @JerolBobby fanblinkblink
@ithinkufunny @FrederickToh_ @JerolBobby there's a word 'friend' on the bottom left.
@FrederickToh_ @JerolBobby actually I don't really get affected. I mean it's not the first time these kind of thing being mention.
@FrederickToh_ @JerolBobby my own friend on Facebook commented my name as top five annoying guys.. I was so shocked
@theresathy hahaha meanie tay
@JerolBobby now then you know?
@theresathy haha I feel bad eh, all the pictures are like spreading around.
@theresathy LOLOLOL
@glendon95 I know I can do it and I do know how to do it.. It's just that i am wasting my time every single time..
@glendon95 life.. Hmm
@TheDeeKosh I don't want to waste time anymore. Hopefully I said it and do it.

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