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on my way to hougang, feeling so so so exhausted/high fever is back. @ 9, Tagore Lane http://t.co/1OOKyTghPR
restless morning! @ Fanquoise http://t.co/i6oB2EZ7OB
Just posted a photo http://t.co/dIDSXiqvTL
I am loving the Inner peace I have in my right now.
β€œ@Faerlynchen: So tired”
Just posted a photo http://t.co/7DGtlf4BZY
Just posted a photo http://t.co/CTdpqVPLxr
Just posted a photo http://t.co/wsohkLgmsG
#throwback 🏊 @ Jurong East, Singapore http://t.co/ULLz4uNHLW
misses.. @ 2014 http://t.co/fyBcRRFI2T
⛅️ @ Fanquoise http://t.co/cUk6wiPsjV
Got the Chinese New Year feel haha
one mistake all human always make, we expect too much and end up hurting ourselves with disappointment, http://t.co/MGDn3CWQEB
just make the best out of it. @ Fanquoise http://t.co/Ywh6ibQIpW
wondering what does it taste like.. let's do this together! #nottakenbyme http://t.co/zyZnxyGyLN
@CHERYLKOHH he pretend pretend waiting for your surprise !
No fuck is given. No fuck is received.
my shave-less days πŸ‘¨ http://t.co/ZpNQSMjggN
I am terrible at controlling my own thoughts and emotions, but when I push those problem aside, all I… http://t.co/GWDKlppZWD
went to try out new restaurant near by my place yesterday, just love spending time with my girls πŸ˜„ @… http://t.co/kUtKItWCdX

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