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sorry for the bad quality! watch the full video at the link below http://t.co/RzP1glKvOT http://t.co/WJL5kRslbq
met so many people in my life that have words but no action.
#bangbang http://t.co/QVV3RooWbh
Just posted a photo http://t.co/hbUp3lgb38
another amazing view I captured along the bridge. @ Yishun Reservoir. http://t.co/CQYB1ellHf
yesterday's video shoot @ yishun reservoir, the place is newly renovated and beautiful. It will be my… http://t.co/GcV98LqEre
I know a bitch when I see one fake.
cousin rayen. @ Holiday Inn http://t.co/N6ZWolhw0b
👰💍 http://t.co/pcaTJJw4qb
photo/video shoot. @ Yishun Reservoir. http://t.co/JQvwQGDE6R
Just posted a photo http://t.co/Ra4VysMgjX
sister's big day. http://t.co/B1AFwgIt9Y
All brainless..
Just posted a photo http://t.co/1uvLilJFnt
I won't give in.
can't wait for my new room to be like this 😻 @ Tampines Ikea http://t.co/yWK8MUoz9d
“@Muffinsee: Next years humanities paper http://t.co/ceZ7BL9ZDH”
fitting and altering my outfit for my sister's big day this Saturday 👰🎩 http://t.co/DdMDPEe4sg
“@rchlwngx: What's a relationship without trust?”
I think you forgotten the feeling of "doing things alone".

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