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“@TheFunnyVine: Finals got me like... http://t.co/xIorvVhQMd”
“@TheFunnyVine: when ur Christmas AF https://t.co/64W5ZJmtcW”
RT @huuuiling: thanks to my brother, i'm addicted to this chinese song "不哭了"
@huuuiling @Winston4you yes baby
#tantricpeople 🎄🎁 @ Tantric Bar & May Wong's Cafe http://t.co/Gm7ouDihmJ
yesterday's #ttp christmas party, with my manager russelchaojy thanks for taking care of me during… http://t.co/sOfo7Qbqig
It feels bad feeling good.
“@PkN14Kieran: Waiting for a reply:(”
Twin brother ! http://t.co/OyKOHbljgV
@huuuiling WHAT THE HELL
@FrederickToh_ look up the sky and smile. Because is this how far you have been through.
@AmboiiMayy no problem bro, they have to get rid of the ghost followers only.
“@FinellaAWL: I need a food buddy to satisfy all my cravings with.”
Why am I still feeing this way?
wrapping up the gift. @ Fanquoise http://t.co/oq33AY3Wg6
Time to wrap! http://t.co/v7CjcET1ol
不哭了~ 不哭了~ http://t.co/J7rtxdJSUe
bro at my place now, it's been awhile I last seen him ☺️🎄🎁 @ Fanquoise http://t.co/cSB0R4c7ZO
where is my direction? where should I be heading? @ Fanquoise http://t.co/9BU6Az3I2M

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