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Going to launch at https://t.co/hYx6RAXxt9 on Thursday. Does the CRE industry want better technology and data? We will SEE.
Going to beta launch at https://t.co/iuSl0Dkll8 on Thursday. Let see if the industry wants better local data and growth analytics.
Growth Maps demo video: https://t.co/E3FD8UAHGb via @YouTube
My @Quora answer to Why are there no startups solving the Real Estate problems? https://t.co/J9yCZLcysK
My @Quora answer to How does one disrupt the real estate market using technology? https://t.co/ThWdDGnGWx
My @Quora answer to What are some tips for building a regression model to make retail site selection decisions? https://t.co/6hbSoAD3Ib
My @Quora answer to I am 29 and have 100,000USD that I want to invest in real estate. Which country/city would you … https://t.co/E6ni94T5Xj
My @Quora answer to What is it like being a real estate agent? https://t.co/svfGMk8U13
Wiz Maps rough webinar testing testing: http://t.co/KbeHJrFE2l via @YouTube
Recording #3: http://t.co/6uqG0wddPi via @YouTube
My @Quora answer to What are some of the biggest pain points and problems faced in the real estate industry today? http://t.co/N1OxNqo9zt
I started a live stream on @YouTube: http://t.co/GvOrTwIZob
t: http://t.co/n35H6besJf via @YouTube
Wiz Maps Live Stream: http://t.co/vtx8PqWQZ1 via @YouTube
Boosting your ROI: http://t.co/ZLK1oDmchB via @YouTube
Wiz Maps Live Stream: http://t.co/4ropIxuhPA via @YouTube
Wiz Maps Live Stream: http://t.co/ETk7wVHPdv via @YouTube
Wiz Maps Live Stream: http://t.co/y7ALcU9OiH via @YouTube
Wiz Maps Live Stream: http://t.co/RDjW4M2glc via @YouTube
Wiz Maps Live Stream: http://t.co/fUCcIQhNRt via @YouTube

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