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6 Ways to Make Your Product into a Habit
Elon Musk says ‘we are summoning the demon’ with artificial intelligence #tech #AI |
Mysterious $542M project changes reality #cnn
The "Medical Marijuana" ripple effect will make the end of Prohibition look like a blip on the radar when it...
This morning's sport section. Alan Gooch is my friend and a fellow Dream Builder. He is the definitive example...
Your Company Can Be More Persuasive Knowing These 10 Neuromarketing Facts
Ignore Emotional Intelligence at Your Own Risk - @HarvardBiz
One of the more inspiring stories that I've heard in a long time. This is what I love about encouraging...
My new hero!
10 Female Startupers You Should Know About #killerstartups
When Should Technical Founders Become CEO? #BOTHSID.ES
It's a different world for decision makers...
Why CEO/Founders Must Learn to Play Speed Chess
Richard Branson: Three questions every would-be entrepreneur should ask themselves: via @virgin
The Morality of Manipulation | Nir and Far via @nireyal
My three favourite quotes on imagination #richardbranson
Repeat Entrepreneurs Are More Successful
"The Necessity of Company Nimbleness: Design, Align, and Track"
The Necessity of Company Nimbleness: Design, Align, and Track
RT @Ronin_Jim: New standardised model documents for early stage VC - developed by @BVCA: #VC #Legal cc @mikebutcher …

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