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@KatherineCHE Very rarely. :-)
Gotta respect her hustle & determination - Tulsa woman starts biz to earn money AND lose weight: Big Mama's Mowin Svc http://bit.ly/ieaNMX
@kbstudio Yep, dm me your contact info. thx!
Someone bet me $1 million I couldn't stay off Twitter & FB for 6 months. I won! lol
*yawn*... *stretch*... *tap the mic* Hey! Is this thing still on? lol
*Seriously?!?!* This is not a good time to have a "technical difficulty"... :-(
...R's pre-wedding last hurrah surprise girls' night out continues. Stop #3 is...
@ the Trocadero in Philly, old skool show w/K, A, & R. Chubb Rock still got it!
MEDIA OPP: Black Enterprise seeks biz who eliminated processes or employees http://bit.ly/dgS0CJ
"whatchutalkinboutwillis???" RIP actor Gary Coleman, dead at 42. http://nyti.ms/a1cdv7
GRANT OPP: Up to $50K for writers/bloggers who cover visual arts topics. Deadline: 6/7/10 http://bit.ly/douX8G
@StacyBrice @IndieBusiness Agreed!! Hope we can all be in the same place soon. ;-)
@SironaSprings Congrats on the online order! How cool is that?! CHA-CHING!! #soapconf10
@FruitChick1 Hey Dorothy! Yep, I first met @KreativeKraft at the conf in Palm Springs last year and saw her and her hubby Tom this year
@SoapCoach Sure! Wanna meet up at 8am? I'm doing consults at 9.
is at Earl's in Denver with one of my old Howard U. roomie Teresa Griffin.
just did private e-com consult 4 Lori & Marta of @SACSandCo, 2 *hilarious* soapmakers who happen 2 be sisters. Family biz rocks! #soapconf10
RT @Shearadiance: "ur presentation was off the chain. The best." #soapconf10 THANK YOU! Had a blast giving it. Luv HSMG. "cha-ching!!"
@BackPorchSoap Met someone here who may be a potential client for you. Will give u her card. #soapconf10 is *great* for networking!

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