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@WidowsRock Don't get nervous and forget how to read.
@WidowsRock Hey, way cool! Use a lot of big words!
@WidowsRock Tanks sweet :-)
RT @RunningQuotes: "When someone tells #you "it can't be done," it's more a reflection of their limitations, not yours.” via @DrAndyBaldwin
@hendrikmorkel Did not intend to unfollow. Software is confused (confusing?). I have rectified the error. John
RT @thinkprogress: Horsemeat is a public health crisis in the UK, but might be a step up from the burgers Americans are eating http://t. ...
Check out "Mountains in Motion: The Canadian Rockies" by @upthinklab on Vimeo
“@AKbirder: About to watch "Game Change" but am not sure I have the stomach for a dose of Sarah Palin in any form.”
“@PCTAssociation: Hey #hiking and #backpacking peeps! We have a new #PCT website. Check it out!”
@WidowsRock I just knew you would want to know
@WidowsRock There is never a bad time to collect backpacking gear ;-)
@WidowsRock Wow, way cool! I want to set a hard date, come on now!
Check out "The city on bike" on Vimeo
Check out "Kurt Sandiforth - A World Around the Bike" on Vimeo
Check out "New Zealand - The South Island. Episode 2" on Vimeo
@Mudflats:If more guns=more safty and we’re thnkng of arming teachers, we may as well get Iran up to speed with nukes”
Jealousy abounds! Make ‘em walk the plank MT@WidowsRock: @EcoTrakker At a Devil Makes Three concert. Be jealous Alaskan. Be jealous.”
@WidowsRock Jealousy abounds my dear. Enjoy the concert. Make them walk the plank for me!
@WidowsRock Ohh, Jealousy abounds dear daughter, Jealousy abounds! Make 'em walk the plank for me.

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Concerned about the environment/environmentalism, Enjoy birding, bicycle commuting, hiking/backpacking and healthy living.

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