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Tables are open for dinner tonight at Bar Bolonat, Dirty French, and more:
The Dead Rabbit's bartender @PamelaWiznitzer drove 13,824 miles in the name of cocktails
Being a food critic has its perks:
Sietsema is still answering your questions and doling out recommendations:
Real talk from critic Robert Sietsema:
Sietsema prediction: "I’m really afraid that both Junior’s and Katz’s may someday be gone."
A Pete Wells is outed by a Brooklyn restaurant. No, not that Pete Wells:
Critic Robert Sietsema explains how the pros do it:
Sietsema on food outside NY: "I love the food in L.A., Montreal, New Orleans, Houston, and PIttsburgh, in that order."
Sietsema: "Your nose is your best guide. Stick it into the doorway of several places and see if they smell good."
"When I ordered the NIgerian tree snails at Buka, I didn’t know what to expect, and they were relatively horrifying"
Sietsema on ordering mystery dishes: "It’s like having a baby and not knowing whether it will be a boy or a girl."
Eater critic/offal aficionado Robert Sietsema is answering your questions now. Ask away!
Don't expect a kale salad at @andrecarmellini's Little Park when it opens Nov. 6
13 awesome places to get a cocktail for less than $10 in NYC:
A Michelin-starred chef takes it down a notch with casual cafe Maman
At 3 p.m. today, Mr. @robertsietsema will be doing a live Q & A. Ask him whatever you want:
The early word from Cosme: Get the husk meringue but beware of the bill.
UPDATE: Cleared by the DOH, The Gutter will reopen later today after an Ebola scare:
Another restaurant closes on E. Houston as a block preps for a big development next to Katz's:

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