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PROBLEM SOLVED What to eat when you’re stressed, depressed, or just can’t sleep:
Can a night owl become an early bird? We’re saying yes! These morning habits change everything
ICYMI Don’t let the short days get you down! Cheer up with these foods that fight seasonal #depression
Good news! You CAN eat eggs, and chocolate, and red meat. We busted those bad diet myths:
Protect yourself from the inside out and skip that cold this year:
Your fave show + these snacks = a winning combo:
New study says antioxidants in red wine can help reduce acne! Drink up for clear skin, #ScandalThursday watchers!
@KelleyVargo Always a good choice! Cheers!
Wine o’clock! It’s that time again. Are you going with red or white?
Stretchy pants, anyone? These bloating dishes contain over 25 salt packets EACH:
Save some calories and have your burger, too. It’s possible with these swaps:
Eating healthy on the cheap is not only possible, it’s delicious. Here’s how:
ICYMI: ’Tis the season for #pumpkin beer!
You are what you eat - and where you live. How does your city stack up? Cities with the Most Dangerous Diets:
Before you dig into your afternoon yogurt, make sure it’s not packing more sugar than a donut:
Dark chocolate can help keep your heart healthy. There’s your excuse to eat it every day:
@LetsClearItUp The newest study that claims its efficacy was funded by the American Beverage Association. We'd like to see a neutral source
Grab an afternoon tea! Start doing it daily and you’ll burn belly fat:
Fuel your afternoon with a couple strategic lunch choices. Spinach and salmon salad? You’ll be the office all star!

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