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BANISH BLOAT It’s here: our list of the SALTIEST foods in America updated with surprising new additions
In case you missed it SLIM DOWN DAILY with these 5 daily habits that BLAST belly fat
SOME LIKE IT HOT Keep your diet spicy and watch your tummy shrink! These spices kick fat loss into high gear.
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT These delicious foods technically aren't #PaleoDiet friendly
MID-AFTERNOON SLUMP? Before you reach for that soda, read this:
D'OH! We found 5 "health" foods that are actually WORSE for you than a donut! Did you eat one of them today?
TILAPIA IS WORSE THAN BACON The 5 reasons why will shock you:
SNACK YOUR WAY SLIM with these 4 essential (and tasty) snacks. Psst - we even included a brownie!
RT @fatfitnessguy: Lunch today @FiveGuys? Order the Little Bacon Burger with Lettuce, Ketchup and Onions to stay under 600 calories. - #Eat…
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT These practically perfect foods will help you live a longer life.
BURGER BRAWL Delicious ways to avoid the worst orders, while still getting your burger fix.
RT @Barkupthistree: The “natural flavor” in your vanilla ice cream? A beaver’s rear end. I'm eating this, not that @EatThisNotThat : http…
WE ALL LOVE CHEESE, just not the kinds with these additives (like an emulsifier that stimulates hair growth)
KICKSTART YOUR DAY with 5 EASY ways to boost your metabolism. Pour yourself some water and get ready for a great day!
LATE NIGHT CRAVING? To combat future attacks, read these 5 Tricks to Avoid Overeating—and indulge with zero guilt.
DID YOU KNOW these delicious foods technically aren't #PaleoDiet friendly?
HELLO CLEAR SKIN Give your face some glow just by eating these foods.
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT These #vegetarian foods actually AREN'T vegetarian.
FREE COFFEE, LAST CHANCE Happy #NationalCoffeeDay Here's where to snag a free cup. Make it decaf, it's late
GUILTY! We've definitely been known to do one or two of these ourselves. 7 habits that make you fat

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