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Foods giving us a fright: Pumpecapple Piecake
RT @YahooHealth: The truth about zero-cal drinks and foods: @EatThisNotThat
Trick that’s a treat: Have a healthy dinner so you ENJOY your candy instead of scarfing it:
These foods are playing a horrible trick on your skin:
The easiest way to go as a zombie for Halloween: give up coffee!
ICYMI What do they know that we don't? These American foods are banned abroad:
@naboushadi We love coconut oil! It helps fight belly fat >>
Foods giving us a fright: KFC’s Zinger Double Down King
Treat yourself to a little dark chocolate TLC this Halloween:
We’re hiring! Are you passionate about food and video? We might be a match made in heaven:
Snacks that won’t make you scream when you jump on the scale:
Foods giving us a fright: Double Loaded Omelet Biscuit from Carl’s Jr:
Burn belly fat now, eat candy later. That evens out, right?
@mitchellgarzz Reports on methyltestosterone toxicity are in any toxicology database you search.
@mitchellgarzz The hormone they use in raising it is hurting native species:
@mitchellgarzz You can find all of Johns Hopkins research here (re: disease-ridden fish farms):
Diet trick that’s a treat: Adding guacamole to your lunch wards off the afternoon munchies:
Now that’s a sneaky trick: Salads that are worse for you than a Whopper:
@mitchellgarzz Did you read the article? We mention the studies we used there.
Foods giving us a fright: Luxembourg Pizza Hut's pizza with a pigs in a blanket crust:

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