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Surprising foods you can't eat if you've gone #Paleo:
Listen up moms-to-be! What and how you eat affects the health of your little one:
ICYMI The U.S. obesity rate climbed to 27.7% in 2014:
Your nutritionist won’t even touch these foods.
Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel launching no-munchies marijuana:
Choose the sandwich, not the wrap. Here's why:
Nutrition Myth #15: Meat is bad for you.
FREE food from Chipotle this week. Read the details to get yours:
Reduce your risk of many diseases by eating these 8 foods every day:
@Oxendrek Sean, try this updated link:
RT @DanChildsABC: Mindful eating... It may mean more for your waistline than you think. More via @eatthisnotthat: #T…
Why you believe healthy food always tastes bad:
.@Grubhub makes it easy to eat healthy with special instructions. ENTER TO WIN a $1000 gift card:
Your action plan to burn belly fat today: And yes, it can include dark chocolate!
Soda or diet soda? A false choice:
Flatten your belly without endless crunches or starvation.
Overlooked ways to help you drop the pounds. Here are 8 tricks to follow:
How you can shake up your meal plan with a #detox:
Too busy to hit the gym? Your action plan to shed the pounds!
Got milk? See which is the best:

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