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Even if you’re not ordering a #PSL, you can still slim down your Starbucks order. Here’s how:
Breakfast ideas: Greek yogurt with honey or toast with eggs. Both will boost your mood:
ICYMI Worried about tomorrow's presentation or exam? Calm your nerves with one of these five stress-reducing foods:
Fruit is one of our favorite desserts, but it gets even better. These six help cut the fat:
Hitting the #pumpkin beer tonight? Learn these tricks for tomorrow morning just in case you go overboard:
’Tis the season for pumpkin beer! Make sure you’re picking the best pack:
A little chocolate goes a long way on a bad day. Here are some good go-to grabs:
Pack your little geniuses a winning lunch that will help them focus all day long. Here’s how:
We know you love it, but do you know what your soda’s actually doing to you?
Check our latest on the 8 foods you should eat every day, posted by our friends @YahooHealth :
Power up burger night by piling your toppings high. These 5 actually fight fat:
Did you know there's actually a dish out there with 2920 calories? We found it and 10 other calorie heavy-weights:
Turn around a bad, dreary day with a snack scientifically proven to lift your mood:
Mindless snacking sucks. Choose a snack that will satisfy your craving AND help you lose weight (yes, they exist!):
@JoeNiemer look for a site redesign in a couple months! it will be much more mobile friendly.
ICYMI It’s snack time! We found 50 great options for your home or office:
RT @langernutrition: Dietitians never drink premade smoothies, because if I'm going to eat something w 100g of sugar, it better be cake htt…
It's true, popcorn and chocolate can help you lose weight. Believe it or not, the research checks out. Snack time!
Late lunch? Grab and go smoothies are great when you're busy - as long as you avoid these:
You know there's a problem when even bananas aren't #vegetarian anymore:

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