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Dearest One, Oftentimes, your ego's timing is not Divine Timing, and that makes you frustrated and impatient,... http://t.co/1o5SvNc9K6
So beautiful and so true. http://t.co/CbmmonLIUv http://t.co/Su23AqQ5AU
Here is today's Love Letter from Easy World, which I very much needed today (and had no idea Sunday when I wrote... http://t.co/UKm2NcJPtg
If you missed me on the inaugural show of Rachel Fielding's Spirituality TV last night, you can watch it here... http://t.co/T3IlF19X5y
CALLING ALL EASY WORLD LOVERS! Join me and bright spirit Rachel Fielding tomorrow night--SUNDAY, MARCH 9--at 9 pm... http://t.co/oD8wrPhGlJ
Here is what showed up in my email today, just when I needed it: Dearest Julia, Some folks just seem to need to... http://t.co/DURWdjkANO
Inspired by Pharrell's song "Happy": http://t.co/l8omGW52Gv
The Divine Design: awe-inspiring. http://t.co/BP43pSxzBQ
Ever felt like you were moulting? This is one of those times for me, and after many months of what has felt like... http://t.co/mQY6WBQEHr
Happy New Year, y'all! See you in Easy World!!! xoxo http://t.co/irANJPPHGV
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/g16yDWudnP
_ @TrevinoIU96 Let me know how life in Easy World is for you! Happy to meet a new EW citizen.
The more thankful you are, the more you have to be thankful for. Neat system, huh?!
Who's in the lead today so far? Your Love-based Self or your fear-based self? It's always your choice! You're... http://t.co/SJsSz4GBII
As I was showering and dressing after swimming laps at the public pool today, I overheard a mother supervising... http://t.co/eibhCFe7k2
Please share--it may help someone! When a Love Letters subscriber emailed this morning to ask "Who is the DWD?"... http://t.co/Z5p19B0Qdo
For the last 2 weeks, the Love Letters from Easy World have been "re-runs" because I was not in the mode to... http://t.co/noU0jTKp13
Love Letter from Easy World http://t.co/Y1Zv40ghFU
Thursday's severe weather had Spirit sending me to the closet. Watch the video to find out what I learned! http://t.co/thNfCuC2iM

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