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There is only one remedy. https://t.co/6SHUaNZvpX
Dearest One, If you ALWAYS followed me, your Spirit, how would you ever get to experience pain and suffering and... https://t.co/HfqOahy0FP
Today's Love Letter From Easy World: Dearest One, As a new year begins, it seems fitting to review the keys to... https://t.co/5c5VEVeHFz
Julia's Articles https://t.co/t9xNxez5By
How to embrace the power of your spiritual calling free virtual gathering #5daysofspirit... https://t.co/zkhywUQPHG
I'm excited to be one of 3 panelists on a conference call with Medicine Song Woman, Brenda MacIntyre and you're... https://t.co/ALNzRzUP7p
Today's Love Letter From Easy World: Dearest One, Faith is a force. When you decide to have it, it makes things... http://t.co/TMOX1MxWG5
Dearest One, The Divine Design is utterly exquisite. The more Love you radiate, the more Love you experience.... http://t.co/I3DZrJ90ZA

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Visionary author, spiritual teacher, guide to Easy World www.ILiveInEasyWorld.com and (according to my devoted hubby) a demanding, yet benevolent, princess

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