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Bizarre Japan: Bagel Heads the latest bizarre fashion trend | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/eWxX4Mo9
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei loses tax evasion appeal | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/TKWuIbMw
Shinzo Abe wins Japan opposition party vote | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/r8iiH3Ym
China accuses Japan of encroaching on their territorial waters | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/gGkM1yWM
North Korea reforms education system | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/haS2wYFi
Japan attempts to turn back Taiwanese fishing vessels | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/1r6sFpsw
China's first aircraft carrier enters service | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/SawAfaun
Chinese photographer Huang Qingjun Photographs Chinese families and their belongings | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/OheGMjh6
Flotilla of Taiwanese fishing boats enter Japanese Territorial Waters | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/LDa0PZcR
The Yodogo Group and the Japanese citizens kidnapped to North Korea | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/BSdWS9am
North Korea plans to introduce new agricultural reforms | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/BlEwmS0J
Suspected 'bomb plotter' arrested in Indonesia | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/Nx03bWB4
Vietnam charges dissident bloggers | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/rXjCQu09
Former police chief jailed over Bo Xilai Scandal | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/nqsajhQJ
Park Geun-Hye apologies for abuses committed during her fathers rule | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/thBN9SYB
The Arctic Resource Grab: China's claim's on the Arctic | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/e2yR8N1K
Myanmar's notorious warlord admits to Mekong murders | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/Nsp3riW5
Deadly car bomb kills six in Southern Thailand | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/PvSZV1Uh
Yoshihiko Noda Japan's PM re-elected as ruling party leader | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/XNkSvn0s
South Korean navy fires warning shot at North Korean fishing boat | Eastern Odyssey http://t.co/lt1uzmnY

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Eastern Odyssey is an online hub for people interested in Asian underground music from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia: Indie, rock, Metal, Punk.

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