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Adorable Fox Kit! 'Bright Eyes By James Figielski' by Paulinskill River Photography - via @fineartamerica
OMG look at these cute fox kits!
Too cool - 'Wake Us In The Spring By James Figielski' - via @fineartamerica
@PaulinskillRvr You guys are the best. haha
Cool NJ wildlife photography! #paulinskillrvrphotog #newjerseywildlife
Awesome photography look at this one! -'Winter Blues By James Figielski' - via @fineartamerica
New Artist at #PaulinskillRiverPhotography #birdphotography!
No Balm Shelter at Sephora anymore and I found 1 at Marshalls. It's not being discontinued is it? I'd be devastated! @thebalm
Beemer Boneyard might have to start mass distribution! Bikers' solution! via @youtube
RT @bug_girl: LOL! Jack Black and Steve Martin as....birders.
I voted for #PR9laurakathleen for #ProjectRunway Fan Favorite. Vote for your favorite designer at via@projectrunway
Earring is offering 15% off with Coupon Code HOHOHO (not case sensitive) no minimum purchase, and including sale items! HO!HO!HO!
stepped in a mess of gum yesterday and the only other shoes I had in the car were the cruel shoes.
Which was worse, 47 people at the vendor fair, or no jeans policy at the venue. It was a tie.
No better reason to leave the strip than steak and eggs at the Mt. Charleston Lodge.
Eyeliner is a harsh mistress.
Getting tons of crap for leaving Iceland days before the Volcano erupts. "What did you do?!" Las Vegas, your days are numbered.
Made a big day by day to do list for the week, but just looking at it I feel anarchic. Order Shmorder.
Our cat got in a fight last night and now has a neat hole in his ear. Hope it can wait til tomorrow, I want to take him to our regular vet.
added a BMW R1200C to the stable! Too bad we're not retired yet.

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