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@57sparky57 Sending a letter/email to help save #rhino is something anyone can do from anywhere. -- Nikela (@Nikela_Wildlife)
Eat less meat!
Tennessee Walking Horse Horror
Nursing home abuse task force
Greed! Act of horror to such majestic creatures. I hope all poachers & buyers rot.
RT @polarbeartrust: Obama Administration Again Proposes Bush-era Polar Bear Extinction Plan
RT @McIlroyRory: If anyone is having a bad day, remember that today in 1976 Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake in Apple for $800. Now it's ...
If everybody has their wisdom teeth yanked out, why do we have them in the first place? -- Old Farmer's Almanac
@LunaJune thank u. Talk soon.
@LunaJune I remember LOL. Time for a séance. Or ouji board.
@LunaJune u r a disciplined and strong willed woman. I want to grow up like u.
@LunaJune @rustyrockets GOOD for u. I now have 2 of Carr's books and haven't read them yet LOL.
@LunaJune no worries. Looking forward to it.
@LunaJune too funny. No doubt he is still raising hell in the building and practicing law.
@ForksOverKnives loved the movie and the book and I promote them!!
@LunaJune about 2.5 hrs. Keep me posted for sure!!!
@LunaJune Dandy is still going. Must be 20 or 21 yes now. Due to your knowledge and positive vibes. Tuffy is 15 now and sends his love.
@LunaJune Yes I do my friend. But have had little time to connect with anyone. Will endeavour soon to call. Miss ya.
@LunaJune u do have a wonderful sense of humour and delightfully contagious laugh!
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