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How does Snowden's leaks about the NSA impact Health IT? http://t.co/oIFDgojRms
Why @Farzad_ONC supported the ICD-10 delay - http://t.co/wl2mSYU7hc
RT @MedQuest: Radical or Sensible...? -> South Portland doctor stops accepting insurance, posts prices online http://t.co/iJQYT9mJcV #HITs…
Really good interview with @Farzad_ONC - http://t.co/wl2mSYU7hc
RT @sandeolson: Six Tips for Healthcare Providers About the New HIPAA Omnibus Rule | http://t.co/eOCYRytPpm
RT @ClinicalInnTech: #HIMSS EHR Assn. releases an "EHR Developer Code of Conduct" http://t.co/8cDF5gadKC
RT @ehrandhit: Cleveland Clinic Expands Access To EMR Information http://t.co/AbkiVOmHYZ #HITsm #hcsm
@TheDailyShow - heard about this? Add privacy violations to list of problems VA's dumped on veteran's. http://t.co/Fp7D4hLOLA #VAfailz
Startling breach by VA over past 3 years of 20 million veteran health records. Utterly shameful. http://t.co/Fp7D4hLOLA
Want to know how doctor's currently use mobile devices? Check out this graph! http://t.co/dOsXKDiRjk
http://t.co/BuaU8yB4bN - Health IT Solving problems, fighting HIV, yeah!
RT @fredtrotter: Awesome work from @WCGWorld that clearly relates to @docgraph http://t.co/lySIeLHOLM
RT @Cyberstreams: Approaches to video conferencing diverging http://t.co/chYBTxUObD #videoconferencing #collaboration #BYOD #unifiedcomm…
RT @Farzad_ONC: Right on! “@OCRLeon: Office for Civil Rights launches campaign on accessing medical records to improve health http://t.co/S…
RT @MedEconomics: Who says the independent practice is dead? 58% of physicians say they don't want to sell. http://t.co/kRiAnxNqJN #practic…
RT @ePatientDave: Excellent new line from @DrDannySands: "It's not about knowing everything - it's about being a HEALER." Yes! #sjhplsc
#HIPAA clash relating to #boston bombing- privacy vs. public health concerns - what's more important? http://t.co/jrIG6rYKdC
RT @jimtate: Thanks to HIPAA Omnibus Rule - CVS finally ends supplier-funded refill reminders. It is about time: http://t.co/PQS8Zc8iEY
3D printable BioTech is SO COOL, but benifits are paired with very dangerous security risks. HIPAA isn't enough. http://t.co/Rhv5seUMLT
Security concerns with Google Glass? Scary. http://t.co/8eY83qIdf1

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