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ESA lauds the late Antonin Scalia, justice who enshrined video games as protected expression
Electronic Frontier Foundation And Entertainment Software Association Square Off Over Piracy
Gen Con threatens the governor it will leave the state over Indiana's controversial SB 101
New net neutrality rules pass, but expect a fight from ISPs
FCC To Vote On Net Neutrality Bill Next Month
Calif. state Sen. Leland Yee pleads not guilty to corruption, arms trafficking charges
EA working on 'gamer-first' used game policy for next-gen #E3
VP Joe Biden: 'No legal reason' the US can't tax violent media
ESA announces large-scale ESRB awareness campaign
Starting now till Sunday you can visit Nintendo at #SXSW Gaming Expo and check out new games before any one els. Open to the public!
Former FBI profiler says games do not cause violence
Nancy Pelosi says video games are not the reason for violence in America
Vice President Biden reiterates need to research violent video games
Two bills target video games following Sandy Hook tragedy
Obama calls for government-funded game violence research
Vice President Biden offers 'no judgment' on game industry
Mass. removes violent games from turnpike rest stops
Violent game bill dies
NRA points to video games as part of gun violence issue
New ESRB video game ratings

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