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RT @EAMaddenNFL: It's #MaddenSeason, anytime anywhere. Download Now! iOS: http://t.co/Mq6rv18uJv Google: http://t.co/qKxZdOdNt4 http://t.c…
@DanielAnthonyBr This is the EA SPORTS feed, we're more familiar with sports games. Best to reach out to BF for more info.
@DanielAnthonyBr Premium? Which of our sports games is that?
@abdux1 That is a phishing site. We have no idea who you contacted, but we recommend contacting EA Support (http://t.co/oZFKocZaXL) ASAP
RT @EASPORTSUFC: Catch kicks, taunt opponents, face new fighters. Updates: http://t.co/glzywELgfU http://t.co/bw7UAdcXAM
RT @EASPORTSNHL: #NHL15 Living Worlds Trailer! You'll have the best seats in the house. http://t.co/rQ9yQmBVAh
Tick-tock, the clock has struck, #MaddenSeason has begun. Pick up your copy today! http://t.co/dEAqWzQWZz http://t.co/cJmdeKXJcR
RT @EAMaddenNFL: Let's get #MaddenSeason trending.
RT @Donny_Moore: #MaddenSeason starting in less than 15 minutes for east coasters.
RT @EAMaddenNFL: Grabbing some #MidnightMadden? Show us. There might be more where that came from. #MaddenSeason
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: .@FinallyMario now transferred in #FUT! http://t.co/8BXEjiC2tl http://t.co/DbHYByM694
@Ludwig1029 However, @XboxSupport can confirm if you ask them.
@Ludwig1029 are you referring to the digital version? If so, it's connected to the primary account, but other profiles on the can still play
RT @hendo_007: Great view from the @EASPORTS box at #MCFCvLFC http://t.co/OrNj9may7V
RT @EAMaddenNFL: We're giving away this @CameronNewton #Madden15 bundle right now, right here: https://t.co/CwBDI8PI5p #MaddenSeason http:/…
@iNiko96HD We are not familar with that issue. We would still talk to @XboxSupport. You can also try @AskEASupport (http://t.co/oZFKocZaXL)
RT @RSherman_25: You guys ready for #MaddenSeason tomorrow? RT for a chance to win this custom #LOB #Xbox One and @EAMaddenNFL 15. #ad http…
@Fiireplaces Please contact @AskEASupport (http://t.co/oZFKocZaXL) for assistance with this matter. They can help reset this issue.
@iNiko96HD You need to be a bit more specific. However, if it's a transaction problem, we recommend contacting @XboxSupport or your bank.
Check out @Dame_Lillard on the cover of #NBALIVE15 http://t.co/vbfzIidwbe (cc: @EASPORTSNBA


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