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RT @EAMaddenNFL: Introducing the Official #Madden16 Soundtrack! Hear it here first: http://t.co/Mua9d14imf 🔊🎶🔥 http://t.co/FQQDWZddvq
RT @EAMaddenNFL: An exclusive club where membership is hard to obtain and even harder to keep. The only 99 OVR players in #Madden16. http…
@BT6_ERA @EASPORTSFIFA @EAMaddenNFL @EASPORTSNHL No, Heinz Field was included in NHL 12 (2011 Winter Classic)
Even more #MaddenRatings, this time the defense gets to shine. http://t.co/OIudPtxJkp http://t.co/QkfkUTh1uC
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: See exclusive images of the new stadiums in FIFA 16: http://t.co/yWhEUAmMEz http://t.co/dYDDEIbJLB
#EAgamescom is only a few days away! Live Show starts at 10 AM CET (1 AM Pacific) on Aug 5. http://t.co/BZQvopwpFm http://t.co/XXVizX0O1Y
RT @EAMaddenNFL: 97 Hit Power = @Kam_Chancellor 96 Zone Coverage + 90 Speed = @Earl_Thomas No Fly Zone = #LOB http://t.co/sHewdWSR3Y http…
ICYMI: The #EASHL Beta is live. Try it out and be sure to share your feedback. http://t.co/AyBOGfCoWv http://t.co/sqIAVhYbns
RT @EASPORTSNBA: Putting in that work with the #NBALIVE16 Community. #RiseTogether http://t.co/oniJfm7Rtv
RT @EA: FIVE MORE DAYS to #EAgamescom! Watch live on http://t.co/U4KUeCN4nN on August 5 at 10 AM CET: http://t.co/aSyBHstvSx http://t.co/gn…
Some very memorable goals feature in our Best Goals of the Season montage: https://t.co/aU8bEdu8tf
RT @EASPORTSNHL: Provide your #EASHL Beta feedback to help us improve #NHL16 from now until launch. http://t.co/2HTXcKVRXE
RT @EASPORTSNHL: The #NHL16 #EASHL Beta is now available for download on Xbox One & PlayStation 4 and will be extended until Aug 7: http://…
RT @EA: #EAgamescom is so close! Watch live on http://t.co/U4KUeCN4nN at 10 AM CET on August 5: http://t.co/T8nhTVKiaa http://t.co/tqZrhv36…
RT @EAMaddenNFL: Top CB's in #Madden16 5. @SeanSMITH24 4. @ChrisHarrisJr 3. @vontaedavis 2-1: http://t.co/8OXKyKV1te #MaddenRatings http:…
RT @CBSGameChangers: .@CBSGameChangers presented by @EASPORTS back in action for 3rd Season on @CBSDreamTeam! http://t.co/54WiNiAoc5 http:/…
RT @EASPORTSNHL: The #NHL16 EASHL Beta is not officially live. We are working through technical issues and will provide an update shortly.
Get the rundown on spontaneous challenges in Madden NFL Mobile http://t.co/Gxtsjnwi6Z http://t.co/IRgwEaYvdX
RT @EASPORTSNHL: Watch live #NHL16 #EASHL gameplay before the beta! http://t.co/6Wt4VPa1AA http://t.co/zakGK6tfA0
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: ICYMI: @MLS #TOTS players available tonight! Blue @Kaka, Gerrard, Lampard, Giovinco and more! http://t.co/HxKrSbe373


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