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RT @EASPORTSNHL: Hockey Ultimate Team on Xbox One has been taken temporarily offline for maintenance. We’ll have an update as soon as possi…
RT @EASPORTSNHL: We are aware of some current issues with Hockey Ultimate Team and are working to resolve the problem.
RT @EASPORTSNHL: The #HUT Defensive Team of the Year has arrived! See the full roster: http://t.co/3DXeohIKCl http://t.co/atEM8yJ3rB
We told you that #MaddenSeason doesn't stop...check out the latest #POTW from #Madden15 https://t.co/TFui2yg5BP
The playoff race is heating up. Check out our latest #NHL Power Rankings: http://t.co/T2n8CKiDQT http://t.co/LbLWzvxQIG
@A711MANAGER @chelpun Everyone has off-days. You'll get him next time.
@A711MANAGER @chelpun Is he making you guys play as a 1-star team while he's playing as Barca or Real Madrid? That doesn't seem fair.
@chelpun no problem! If you need pointers, our Tips & Tricks page (https://t.co/csNCbexljV) is always available. Good luck!
@chelpun Hey Chelsea, you can't let him get away with that! Keep practicing and in no-time, it will be him who is tweeting an apology. ;-)
Ready to start your week? Here, enjoy some #GOTW: http://t.co/YyZqfoOUG6
Everyone loves Free Agency: http://t.co/k7vwuPi4Qg http://t.co/QKAoMhE5YD
Have you watched all of our Pro Player Tournament videos? Over a dozen to check out: http://t.co/V494hhknZJ http://t.co/977Tv2RcWc
@DeanBL4 Hi there, Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR is coming out in June! Be sure to follow @EASPORTSGOLF for the latest updates.
RT @EASPORTSNHL: Let's do it again! See the full #HUT TOTY roster here: http://t.co/kS2HoBQHZw http://t.co/WmVnUawwJH
RT @RobbieGould09: @krups54 @EASPORTS @EAMaddenNFL i put my self in as a receiver. I've always wanted to score a TD
RT @CBSGameChangers: Go #BehindTheScenes + discover how @EASPORTS create lifelike weather conditions in @EAMaddenNFL 15! #CBSGameChangers h…
#TOTY in #HUT is Live! First up, your Community Team of The Year. http://t.co/RRcKO7iJau http://t.co/ppAwf1gptI
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: #FUT is currently down for maintenance. 6am to 8:30am UK (11pm-1:30am PT). Downtime: 2.5hrs. http://t.co/IRqkCYjiKW http:…
RT @EASPORTSNHL: RT for a chance to win these #HUT TOTY items! http://t.co/WO66XrYgxT
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: Free untradeable Rare Gold 25K pack now available! Premium Gold, Silver, and Bronze Players packs in the Store. Limit of …


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