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Let's take a look at the Top 10 Explosive Wide Receivers in #MUT http://t.co/xmsLTTdNjE http://t.co/5Mmku6HlTQ
RT @EASPORTSNBA: Full details on the new #NBALIVE15 Roster Update: http://t.co/oOvogp3bEf http://t.co/otU8uAtq80
Get yourself ready for the playoffs. #NBALive15 is now available in the @EAAccess Vault. http://t.co/AsFGusMnkW http://t.co/xqUgARLT72
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: Congrats to our #MooreChallenge winner! RT @Josephprosser1: #MooreChallenge @EASPORTSFIFA http://t.co/09YRaf4LwI
There are some really incredible moments in the latest Madden #POTW. http://t.co/RH69lNCzIB
RT @EAAccess: NBA LIVE 15 is in The Vault right now for all members! Download and play now from the EA Access Hub app. http://t.co/zgOqBgRm…
@EQuinlan22 Thanks for the feedback! We'll let the team know.
@DustinArgabrigh Thanks for playing, Dustin! Glad you're having fun. What are your favorite modes?
@Aiden_Par Hi Aiden, please report your Lost/Missing Items here: http://t.co/qnyQu0o9ZS
@JonesLlifon Let's get those players back for you, Llifon. Please go here to report your Lost Items: http://t.co/qnyQu0o9ZS
@EQuinlan22 Sorry to hear you're not enjoying your game, Ethan. How can we make it better for NHL 16?
Keep sending us your #EASPORTSUFC Highlight Reel Submissions http://t.co/q9vUWXF0eL http://t.co/veZxEQhw9z
@Sicut326 Cool. Let us know how we can make #NBALIVE16 even better. We'd love to hear your feedback!
@JCummings7 Hey Juan, thanks for playing! You can share feedback for #NBALIVE16 on our Official Wishlist: http://t.co/Ibnfcruc1k
@Sicut326 Glad you're enjoying it, Robert! Thanks for playing. Who is your team?
@nathancowe Hi Nathan, you can learn how to create/reset your FUT Secret Question here: http://t.co/RE9Q1YqY6N
Start your week with some #GOTW: http://t.co/EabiCx2E7F
Over 150 players have been given #SkillUpgrades in #FUT. Check out the entire list here: http://t.co/mYXlXBWqPN http://t.co/V5CDQydFMC
What are the biggest dynasties in the #NFL? The Madden team gives us their Top Five http://t.co/OEMIDGgVqZ http://t.co/dKcoB0Tz4g
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: Skill Upgrades are live in #FUT. Restart FIFA & re-enter FUT to apply the squad update. List: http://t.co/d41vPtSy1g http…


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