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RT @EASPORTSFIFA: Due to licensing restrictions Romario will no longer be available in packs. Existing Romarios will remain available. htt…
RT @thelnino25: Proud to be on the Swiss cover of NHL 15.... Thanks #easports #NHL15 http://t.co/xO9ouLkKUl
RT @EA: Seven million knockouts per week? @EASPORTSUFC #EATuesdayExclusive #WePlayGames http://t.co/QpJ6e4Yr97 http://t.co/tM1LmMpieY
RT @EASPORTSUFC: #EASPORTSUFC ’s first Free Content Update has arrived! Details: http://t.co/iMQvvh9KdQ
RT @EAMaddenNFL: #Madden15Ratings Reveal TOP 5 QB's: http://t.co/s13E7nmqPN http://t.co/jubfKnEZsK
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: #100Kpacks are now available in the Store for 24hrs! Limit of 2. Team of the Tournament available! http://t.co/FVNYl2QKC3…
RT @EAMaddenNFL: The moment of truth! #Madden15Ratings - TOP 10 ROOKIES http://t.co/W6H8sKmmEw More info: http://t.co/Bs5PLix7SL
New Fighters! RT @EASPORTSUFC: They’re coming. Click for @TWooodley and @takeya_miz: http://t.co/ImpcFL2fTz http://t.co/sTqsy9q5og
Any takers? RT @greatbandino: @EASPORTS it's just a fact, no one can beat me at FIFA 14. especially not @CoryChonis26
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: The new #FIFA15 cover star for the US & Canada will be revealed in an hour. Who could it be? http://t.co/363uLfNilC
RT @EAMaddenNFL: Learn how the Legion of Boom will be honored in #Madden15: http://t.co/WxUFoOxAAb #LOB http://t.co/SkIPScnWp2
RT @EASPORTSUFC: One month – 65 million fights. http://t.co/t3TTOrqZMD
RT @EAMaddenNFL: Join us live NOW for the #Madden15 Gameplay Stream on @Twitch! http://t.co/XZfWHiPRHQ http://t.co/0YGGG0An7s
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: .@SoundersFC's new summer signing @majornelson is ready for kick-off! @Xbox #FIFA15FanFest http://t.co/YuYElzbLOO
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: We're set for #FIFA15FanFest in Seattle! Lucky fans are here to play #FIFA15 early. They're in for surprises as well! htt…
RT @daRealAkinfenwa: 1st I'm gonna S/O @EASPORTSFIFA for my personal card 2nd I'm ready to take on all comers on FIFA #BMO #FUT #Pace lol …
@LJesus17 No. PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One :-) http://t.co/RFdliBPJFA
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: *NEW* video: #FIFA15 Gameplay Features: Emotion & Intensity: http://t.co/7qTs5QU5bU. More features: http://t.co/61KSIVnWUr
RT @EA: Some users may not currently be able to access our online games and services. We are working on it and will update you ASAP.
RT @EA: Authentic puck spins, rolls and bounces: http://t.co/TtoIsjZuAq #NHL15 @EASPORTSNHL http://t.co/J7AKBgmzrg


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