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@dylankeane1 This week, yes. Just like last year, there will be other TOTS over the next few weeks.
@dylankeane1 This is the Community TOTS, rewarded to those who didn't get a TOTW IF but still played well this season. Suarez has TIFs
@PeterFrame_ Please contact @AskEASupport (http://t.co/EkSVvmzt4p) for assistance with this matter.
@Alextooke98 Please contact @AskEASupport (http://t.co/uOiYimZGRk) for assistance with this matter.
RT @EASPORTSNHL: Roster Update is now LIVE. #NHL14
@Jacob_Gower feel free to contact EA Support (http://t.co/uOiYimZGRk) and they will change it back to a normal rare gold item.
@hicklin15 Community TOTS is based on players who haven't received IFs this season. Yaya was featured on the TOTW a few weeks ago.
Community Team of the Season for #FUT is live. Learn more: http://t.co/uWOdQiHYRg http://t.co/0pyyiROBJJ
@FIFA_player15 now
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: 15 mins until #TOTS. #FUT
@smithy924 soon....
@joebrand98 TOTS items don't begin getting put into packs for another 60 minutes.
RT @NeedforSpeed: Only 50 days until the 2014 @FifaWorldCup… But will anyone score a goal as sweet as @kblock43? #FOOTKHANA https://t.co/6…
RT @EASPORTSUFC: Get ready to roll as @realroyce in #EASPORTSUFC. Learn how: http://t.co/hdYwC2WLSh http://t.co/L1iI1iBNdO
Start your week off right, enjoy some #GOTW from FIFA 14. http://t.co/ZKsmJ3JLLK
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: 25K packs are now available in the Store for 24hrs. Have a happy holiday!
With everything to play for, who takes it today? @Everton or @MUFC #BPL http://t.co/QkhaYVBqus
Today's best fixture will be: A, B, C, or D? http://t.co/a445c83iYY
@K_Parker29 Please contact EA Support (http://t.co/EkSVvmzt4p) for assistance with this matter.


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