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@indifferentlmp Sorry! No plans now but stay tuneDD! ^NS
@Psupergrl YUM! Great choice! sounds like you're on team #coolfruit :) ^NS
@rhSin722 Sry to hear this! Can you DM us your contact info so we can reach out? Thx! ^GS
@emmiesays Sry to hear this! Can you give us a call @ 800-859-5339 (M-F 7am-7pm EST) so we can help? Thx! ^GS
@yesmena7 Sorry! It was a limited time offer but may be back next year! Try our OREO flavor to keep you running through August :) ^NS
@GabbieRaeRocks LOVE! You totally rock that Coolatta and DD Sunglasses #winning ^NS
@BlahCava No upDDates yet, but very very very soon ;). Follow @DunkinLA for the most up-to-date store openings in LA! ^NS
@ErinFialks Go big or go home! ;) ^NS
@ishmerild Sry to hear this! Can you DM us your contact info so we can reach out? Thx!
@bridgbeth Can't share a date yet, but just know that it's in the VERY near future ;) ^NS #AlmostDDPumpkinSeason #YAS
@chris_casseday Thank YOU for making us part of your weekly donut date! ^NS
What kind of morning are you having? a. ☕️ b. ☕️☕️ c. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
@rachelwalker_7 Ooo we love road trips!! Thanks for letting us fuel yours. Where are we headed? #DDPerksLove ^DS
@M_Good7 Vanillla bean AND Oreo?? SounDDs delish! #DDPerksLove ^DS
@mypurpleface SounDDs like you're loyal! Have you enrolled in #DDPerks to be rewarded for your visits? #DDPerksLove ^DS
@jafworlds Totally. Isn’t it the best? Which flavor is next on your list? #DDPerksLove ^DS
@coachfoxworth We say two thumbs up. Have you tried the Oreo flavor? #DDPerksLove ^DS
@giannavaracchi We do!! And visits from you make us equally as happy #DDPerksLove ^DS
@elragz_onragz We're a very big fan of you! Thanks for the love #DDPerksLove ^DS
@marilynmalphrus Hello is right! What'd you get? #DDPerksLove ^DS

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