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Pittsburgh takes home the victory. Thanks for making your #DDFieldPass predictions throughout the game. See you next week!
Another 3pts for Houston. Nice work to the 74% of voters who called it. #DDFieldPass
They’re down by 11 right now. Will HOU score again tonight? #DDFieldPass NoPurNec 18+ Ends 12/26/14 http://t.co/H0Yoj9g3hX
You could win a trip to AZ in Feb. Be sure to cast your #DDFieldPass predictions! NoPurNec 18+ Ends 12/26 http://t.co/PWcCxXIVs5
Will PIT's starting RB have a run for 20+ yards this half? #DDFieldPass NoPurNec 18+ Ends 12/26 http://t.co/HrDTseB6xz
For a chance to win prizes, keep an eye out for our live game polls! #DDFieldPass. NoPurNec 18+ Ends 12/26 http://t.co/PWcCxXIVs5
HOU's starting DE is one of the best. Can he record a sack & INT tonight? #DDFieldPass NoPurNec 18+ Ends 12/26 http://t.co/gqYYEk9yeX
Play along throughout the night at #DDFieldPass. Look out for the 2nd question, coming up! NoPurNec 18+ Ends 12/26 http://t.co/PWcCxXIVs5
PIT's stadium can be tough for kickers. Will we see any missed FG's tonight? #DDFieldPass NoPurNec 18+ Ends 12/26 http://t.co/RHbdK1ukYJ
Make sure to check back & cast your #DDFieldPass votes throughout the game. Who are you rooting for? 18+ Ends 12/26 http://t.co/PWcCxXIVs5
Make game night a little sweeter & get a free medium beverage when you join #DDPerks w/ promo code “DDFieldPass”: http://t.co/XCyWgngUt8
@LuckyGalBianca MonDDays just call for an extra boost! ^JG
Cast your #DDFieldPass predictions throughout the game tonight for a chance to win prizes! NoPurNec 18+ Ends 12/26 http://t.co/swhMl2viiB
Whatever you need to do today, get it done with our New Dark Roast! http://t.co/7NVyP6l8CH
@RoushAshley Thanks for trying our new #DarkRoast coffee! Hope you enjoy it! ^JG
@amandahug Bravo @atsigntracey for making MonDDay a little sweeter. ^JG
@socaltrav Thanks for stopping into Dunkin' while in NYC! Hope you enjoyeDD those donuts! ^JG
@SteveSerrano Those donuts look amazing! Happy you enjoyeDD 'em! ^JG
@Jay_Rombach Niiice! 'Tis the season for #pumpkinatdunkin! ^JG
@JRo609 GlaDD you got it & honored to keep you running! ^JG

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