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Keep the coolness coming. And the NEW Mango Passion Fruit Coolatta! http://t.co/4e9giHKaBW
@TheGoalieNet We'd say that counts as 9 wins! Way to go. #DDPerksLove ^DS
@kaitlyndawnwood Seriously. Have you enrolled in #DDPerks so you can rewarded for this love? #DDPerksLove ^DS
@MisskKouture Hopefully you don’t have to! #DDPerksLove ^DS
@Heyykrispy We donut know what we would do without you either. #DDPerksLove ^DS
@Half_Ton GlaDD we could be of help and are STILL helping! #DDPerksLove ^DS
@LDogg89 Wait… can we still hang out even when it isn't humid? #DDPerksLove ^DS
@victoriamongell Honestly, you are so kind. We think you're pretty fantastic as well. #DDPerksLove ^DS
@thinkofyoulater We donut know what we would do without great fans like you! #DDPerksLove ^DS
@anthonypiet We could hang out everyday! Sounds great. #DDPerksLove ^DS
@AV1725 Sry to hear this! Can you give us a call @ 800-859-5339 (M-F 7am-7pm EST) so we can help? Thx! ^GS
@RenrenOmillo_ GlaDD to hear that you're a fan! ^JD
@1joshuaparker We're planning to open a new restaurant in Decatur this summer. Stay tuneDD for updates! ^JD
@nerdloc GlaDD we could help keep you running in California! ^JD
DD tip: Iced coffee doubles as a donut holder. http://t.co/iWeOlakQZe
@jstabila @Littlemissluwho And we love you both! That coffee sounds delicious. #DDPerksLove ^DS
@kaleighg8r We would tune in. Have you enrolled in #DDPerks so you can be rewarded for this loyalty? #DDPerksLove ^DS
@KatyMo27 Have you enrolled in #DDPerks so you can be rewarded with a FREE coffee? #DDPerksLove ^DS
@actualllyamber Both of those beverages look delicious. Thanks for the love! The feeling is mutual. #DDPerksLove ^DS
@rmsousie We're so happy you stopped by. Great choice. #DDPerksLove ^DS

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Tweeting to you from the DD Mothership. America Runs on Dunkin'. @DunkinDonuts Runs on You.

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