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@IanMacnaughton Why do you use my name? I am not a place, I’m a person.
@NateCMerritt I have entire course on matching cameras if that helps. See my store page.
@afinepoint @nofinerlife @ETResidents @CycleEnfield My name is Dave Dugdale. Are you mistaking me for someone else?
@nofinerlife @ETResidents @CycleEnfield Is somebody coming over to my house?
@ASUSTechMKTJJ @intel @SamsungUS @SeasonicPSU @FractalDesignNA @ASUSUSA @CORSAIR @NVIDIAGeForce Thanks again for al… https://t.co/Atc2pXrZao
@TechlineHD @ASUSTechMKTJJ Not in a long time, perhaps I should do one, thanks for the suggestion.
@ASUSTechMKTJJ Looking forward to it!
The video editing computer build starts tomorrow with @ASUSTechMKTJJ. Thanks for all the name ideas. Build question… https://t.co/Tz2vDD66sH
@ErikNaso All glass, I bet my daughter could break it. :)
@SonyAlphaRumors @HughBrownstone The rumor sites got it wrong, usually they are good at this.
@ErikNaso Bummer.
@HughBrownstone No alpha today?
Asus is coming to my house to build another amazing computer for video editing. Monster & Beast have been used, what should I name this one?
@KevinBGood I've been living on the edge and using the beta. I'm really liking 14.
@FenchelJanisch Another question is, "Is anyone uploading to Vimeo anymore?"
@TheSnowReport @halleyobrien @MWObs Nice! I've climbed that mountain
@ErikNaso Nice!
@yurimg Not sure yet, I have not receive one yet
Looks like the GH5 2.0 is coming next month, which is what I've been waiting for, but for now checkout Andrew's exc… https://t.co/zuFU8PjnOT
@TCSTVJordan Does that mean you got the new firmware update?

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I work for myself. I have rental sites like PickRent.com. I mostly tweet about my DSLR Video site here on tweeter.

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