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DRUGS FOR DEAD: Medicare paying for costly meds even after patients pass... http://t.co/hYG9gNKwCJ
CHICAGOLAND: Judge Pummeled, Beaten By Defendant In Courtroom Scuffle... http://t.co/Dm464BCSX7
Sharpton returns... http://t.co/31BD7EimJe
UPDATE: Debate moderator apologizes for accusing Scott Brown of botching NH geography... http://t.co/V4Q4ykk3PC
UPDATE: Hungary suspends Internet tax after huge protests... http://t.co/wbjwFQv0Id
Court order restricts nurse's movement... http://t.co/XcRCHOtk6G
One Million Senate Ads... http://t.co/RnzvUsQhKI
LA School Officials Defend 'English Only' Policy After Backlash...
SNAP: Cowboys Fan Destroys House After Team's Loss... http://t.co/qyoBSci834
HARRY TRIES 'BEGGING'... http://t.co/HSgF0I0LjS
NYC Pad Hits Market For Record $500,000/Month... http://t.co/Uxf9gW1VMq
SHOCK: Dead bobcat hung from goal post before school rivals' big game... http://t.co/UzEtb79tdq
Federal Govt Made $20 Billion in Secret Purchases in Recent Months...
Smartphones will soon know when you're lying...
HOME SICK: LeBron Struggles In Opening Night... http://t.co/Z216k2Gdeu
Hospitals prepare for confusing season... http://t.co/P7lie3EKAa
DEM SEN: Obama 'Has Been a Drag' on Campaign... http://t.co/SkCaNf4YeL
VIDEO: Man in Obama mask and hazmat suit posts 'Obola' posters across Chicago... http://t.co/2kDd0OGzmn
World Clown Association Frowns... http://t.co/wheKvwJ8QW

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