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RAND PAUL: Hillary 'Yesterday's News,' a 'Blast From The Past'... http://t.co/tOF0FiKy1s
PEOPLE: Bruce Jenner 'Transitioning into a Woman'... http://t.co/QJkMhhI1sm
NFL's Goodell seeks to look past 'tough year,' to future... http://t.co/jyC7pz5b7Q
Illegals released from custody committed 1,000 new crimes... http://t.co/fwdWihW9us
Security fears raised over Qatar's 10% stake in BRITISH AIRWAYS...
Fake cop -- pulls over real cop... http://t.co/W69F7QR127
Charles: What sort of king shall I be? http://t.co/gxKLNZThEs
Rise of robots at AOL lead to job cuts... http://t.co/FpaI69Rkm6
Toronto named best city in world... http://t.co/GIGQ6pkyB5
Air marshals claim TSA hiding evidence of wrongdoing, silencing employees... http://t.co/eQ5F10BWde
At retreat, Dem staffers escort reporters to restroom... http://t.co/BOaTly2AMq
Tiger Woods shoots an 82, his worst round ever... http://t.co/isNQRRi6mm
BOOM: SoCal resort sells for $360 million; deal shatters state records... http://t.co/Hc6NNVIcNM
Alleged swingers club in swank home shut down by city... http://t.co/szJ9BWVYMu
Scientists look at DNA to tell how long you'll live... http://t.co/3xzBv7WhPq
JPOST: Obama has agreed to 80% of Iran's demands in nuke talks... http://t.co/c1xlgFMYFc
Tiger Woods shoots career-worst 9-hole score... http://t.co/BPtSBybAQb
Former MI5 chief says new terror measures jeopardise free speech... http://t.co/oxvGDgRvzu
GMO Labels for Food in High Demand but Provide Little Certainty...

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