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Thousands take to NYC streets to protest Israel... http://t.co/JcKeFogCHB
IDB windows smeared with fake blood as pro-Hamas demonstrators stage 'die-in'...
Plea to America: Melt Congressional Phones, Kill Executive Amnesty... http://t.co/eGoqBqE1ci
UPDATE: Officials Searching For Man With 'Severe, Contagious Strain Of TB' Who Disappeared... http://t.co/0t1QXPic3o
TX official sees 'tsunami'... http://t.co/RVbtpp7hec
Feds use vans instead of buses to transport illegals; Avoid attention... http://t.co/zcZ6tjvd5f
Idaho Governor Tells Feds Not To Dump Illegals In His State... http://t.co/iN6bmkEGdM
Sessions: Order will 'end immigration enforcement in America'... http://t.co/QNHfX5oYcQ
Gutierrez: Amnesty for 5 million... http://t.co/opbSoabB2N
Unilateral grant of 'work authorization' for millions... http://t.co/S4Sz5BLEaj
Obama Aide: Executive action on immigration after summer... http://t.co/K9EUcxRWXV
Good Samaritan killed after saving child from attack in Hollywood... http://t.co/7qrYeyfPJc
UPDATE: Earthquakes shake 4 different parts of Alaska... http://t.co/84eP3bbkzg
Feds test how stoned is too stoned to drive... http://t.co/UMKvdOy0sO
New Paul Bill Addresses Pot Brownies... http://t.co/1UNVKwvOAc
Dem: 'You don't have right to know' what's going on... http://t.co/U6q4vWMbGn
REPORT: Netanyahu agrees to 12-hour humanitarian truce... http://t.co/QsUBq4y4jl
VIDEO: Mayor in Town Besieged by Migrants Accosted by Actvists... http://t.co/LuDpryR6ln
More than 200 dumped in Indiana... http://t.co/THFqDK2C6N

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