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STUDY: Each hour of sitting increases chance of heart disease 14%... http://t.co/JcIPHxMpJD
Boy Dies After Leaping From 2nd-Floor Window at Elementary School... http://t.co/tAVuoCC35K
Black unemployment rate nearly twice national average... http://t.co/cB6ri3sFvQ
Obama warns about 'global warming'... http://t.co/j9c78DtHmu
Net Employment Gains Since Recession Went To Foreign-Born... http://t.co/KJcEZ1SOG1
Mystery Saudi tweeter claims 'pressure' closed his account... http://t.co/ek69Vn4smN
Astronomers believe mysterious signals coming from Earth-like world... http://t.co/8uoNuMbebC
Common AR-15 Bullets Already Banned? http://t.co/OdjbfUx11z
White House's least favorite Dem... http://t.co/M5VNEngBqn
Random man screams at James O'Keefe in parking lot... http://t.co/baXp7qqs0x
PLAYGIRL Centerfold Who Outed Himself in 90s Found Dead In Car In Hollywood... http://t.co/EHacMXrS0W
'HELP' Actress to Play God in New Movie... http://t.co/EBNxowZlpq
Jail Looms for Mom Who Fled With Son to Fight Circumcision... http://t.co/F83w6ec1ej
NJ Dem Top Critic of Obama Iran Deal...
FLASHBACK JANUARY: Obama's Iran Talking Points 'Straight Out of Tehran'... http://t.co/Bc7mDzrhpW
Pelosi shows how to wield power despite GOP majority... http://t.co/MZHPp2E4Ms
Sharp rise in prosecutions over insults to Turkey president raise alarm... http://t.co/qCTpBLTkeS
UPDATE: Two Indian men lynched over sex assault claims... http://t.co/yDbFlRDiNN
Porn film at Pyramids riles Egyptians... http://t.co/W79ZQ1ijxC

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