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Boston Penthouse Hits Market For Unprecedented $37.5 Million... http://t.co/jKGk5tgcgJ
NYC Builders Spend Billions More on Homes in Luxury Boom...
DNC Boss Can't Name Single Senate Race Obama Has Campaigned In... http://t.co/Ux1Ou8ZQ8b
STUDY: Listening to music while working increases efficiency... http://t.co/u7QgeaQnj5
Iranian Leader: Obama 'Weakest of U.S. Presidents'... http://t.co/hSBMlIWMZw
SHARES PLUNGE... http://t.co/TPu9esYNKo
Couch potato nation: Over 26% never exercise -- not even gardening... http://t.co/kRylIu0LQs
Michelle O confuses Colorado Senate Dem with GOP Challenger... http://t.co/7hRGNPomqf
AMAZON EARNINGS MISS... http://t.co/bDAjCkhiOH
FBI warns media: Journalists 'desirable targets' for ISIL... http://t.co/BqnYyhH5Gv
IRS BEATS 'TEA PARTY' IN COURT... http://t.co/mWebN52EV4
Michelle O confuses Colorado Senate Dem with GOP Challenger... http://t.co/zLCW31ue4S
EBOLA NYC? http://t.co/RAsnvyM62N
Cremation fears leave empty beds; increase risk of virus spreading... http://t.co/tEFlWFlfdT
Cop Attacked With Ax in NY... http://t.co/OYqzjUBIAo
Police: AZ officers shoot man with machete... http://t.co/frlCI3jJEK
Russian fighter suspected of terrorism and held in Afghanistan to be prosecuted in USA... http://t.co/in0fTOXUUL
Doctor who treated Ebola in Africa rushed to NYC hospital... http://t.co/9QQmK8SBz5
Billionaire Businessmen Buying Up Mega-Ranches... http://t.co/cVb1Mh04Ct
Snowden filmmaker: 'FACEBOOK gift to intelligence agencies'... http://t.co/75MrG90yQ5

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