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Asks Obama To Deport... http://t.co/WkZR2ehBjI
Eyes 'truncated' print edition... http://t.co/9LqxDGNnYS
SCIENTISTS: Earth May Be Entering Early Stages Of Mass Extinction Event... http://t.co/0sRjr4r78z
Woman treated in Hong Kong... http://t.co/remhQRPYvT
Doctor Quarantined in Canada... http://t.co/qpyMnmEOJb
COPS: Man Steals Grandmother's Car From Church Parking Lot, Sells It For Heroin... http://t.co/ZRbgjnsgMq
PELOSI: 'We Cannot Have Deportation Without Representation'... http://t.co/MZ6clFte5g
U.S. plans largest ever sale of Hellfire missiles to Iraq... http://t.co/2G88oOlAeP
POLL: Twice As Many Americans Blame Hamas For Gaza Violence Than Israel... http://t.co/4ID9AmAOBu
University to feature 'gender-open restrooms'... http://t.co/cNeYHUp7MP
DOCUMENT: No clue how many illegal alien minors will arrive next year... http://t.co/NdhESFmckq
UPDATE: Border agent pointed loaded gun at Boy Scout for snapping picture... http://t.co/VF03lGCA5V
Florida Issues a Flesh-Eating Disease Warning for Beaches... http://t.co/RIUeHBdxJy
Massive water main break floods Sunset Boulevard... http://t.co/dlVYC6xhyC
SPY-LAB: Experts fear China's mysterious new space station is military installation... http://t.co/5bPoXTPNnf
Top Israeli Official To Obama: 'Leave Us Alone'...
Delaware district plans new classrooms for students who do not read or write English'... http://t.co/Q6BDIb4uLJ
Indiana Gov Learns of Dumping -- Through Media... http://t.co/L3HbM9XdM6
Make $7,000 Per Month for 'Fostering' Adult Illegals... http://t.co/QbSwCeoyzb
Dem: Legalizing Will 'Reduce Deficit'... http://t.co/AU7rjkUegh

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