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Construction frenzy in Beirut alters city skyline... http://t.co/NIAI0ZvJeW
BOTS: Friends, and Influence, for Sale Online... http://t.co/nBjJSfEjfM
Western states move to take over federal land... http://t.co/fJPh3STb4h
High hopes in Mile-High City as marijuana activists party... http://t.co/myqt7PJrFg
Italian newspaper to give away 50 million copies... http://t.co/iYjm71Pjuv
Holocaust Survivor: Jewish People Should Leave Ukraine Now... http://t.co/Sm4KBs88nm
PAPER: How Obama lost friends and influence... http://t.co/IJDIVb9t9j
Family Posts Photo Of Dead Cow Euthanized By BLM... http://t.co/BIAN3KUn1x
UPDATE: MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight makes emergency landing... http://t.co/bxi4SKeS0c
MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight makes emergency landing... http://t.co/euMhjr1DXk
Tarantino Stages Live Reading of 'HATEFUL EIGHT'... http://t.co/Z4PVEhNMnf
N-Words Fly... http://t.co/rl3YuxSvrt
Scientists Discover First Case Of Genital Reversal: Female Penis, Male Vagina... http://t.co/9ywtq0Jiej
Palestinians, Israeli police clash at Jerusalem holy site... http://t.co/Ar31GMN2PU
Pope calls for end to war, condemns waste exacerbating hunger... http://t.co/khO5GWNuxw
Saudi Arabia announces jump in new cases of deadly MERS... http://t.co/Q2zDuAbWdW
QUEEN TURNS 88... http://t.co/lio3H0VLfj
QUEEN TURNS 88... http://t.co/U30rMbT1Mt
POLITICS: TWITTER blocks two accounts on its Turkish network... http://t.co/vPkihiE73v
GOODWIN: Pulitzers reward traitors and treason... http://t.co/y1tsjTg95Y

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