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RT @carouselapp: Carousel Photo School is back! Here's our advice on how to keep your shots simple and focused: http://t.co/rPTgZBIuxd http…
@loumongello Hi! Did you see us waving back at you? :)
@WarrenWhitlock We tried to wave back at you! Did you see us?
RT @DropboxBusiness: Tip of the week: How to remove shared links http://t.co/nKzdcURbix http://t.co/eBEY5EsUR8
@Fundsurfer you gotta be kitten me :)
@Crolacy :)
@Its_Just_Jordyn Hey there, so sorry! We're back up, mind trying again?
@nicksergeant Hi Nick, if you haven't already, you might want to try our @CarouselApp. Has a space saver feature. http://t.co/wIt6DYgD41
RT @DropboxBusiness: Tip of the week: How to organize your shared folders http://t.co/n6LAVIfgQA http://t.co/KTjkgOFxGk
@Harry_Aldian Hi Harry, sorry to hear that. Could you please DM us a screenshot of the issue?
RT @carouselapp: Carousel turns one year old today — here’s to the year ahead! http://t.co/TKGkYzZyWu http://t.co/fghk9c6Byn
@FFSJordan Hi Jørdan, how are you trying to upload your files (e.g., desktop app, web, mobile app)? Thanks!
@TheClothier Hi William, if your files are stuck in sync, this might help: http://t.co/mVcaD228y5. Let us know if you have any questions!
@NooShoes Hi Fergal, are you still experiencing issues with syncing?
@BridgesActors glad you had a good first experience! :)
Edit @Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files in your Dropbox directly from a web browser! http://t.co/p6nTRtGdjs http://t.co/oc4guf953h
@dberkowitz Thanks David :) Glad to hear it!
@ChescaSez Hi Francesca, are you using the Dropbox website or one of your linked devices? Thanks.
@sarahdequidt Hi Sarah, you can recover files using these steps: http://t.co/8cG6J2QhY0 Let us know if you have any more questions!
@LizaPotts Hi Liza, please write us at http://t.co/S67F5WNGYE, then DM us your ticket ID (from http://t.co/uZST74m2oA). We'll follow up!

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