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Texas court reaffirms injunction on Obama transgender mandates - https://t.co/Ar2e4bVF4g
Say hello to the newest addition: Sgt. Jasper McKissick He's 7 weeks and he chews stuff. https://t.co/DTYCPmrWEI
The modern US campus shouldn’t be a safe space https://t.co/w1h7kbOpzy
Grassroots Tips: Go on Offense for More Effective Political Messaging https://t.co/pvP4vz7TrT
"It is hard for an empty sack to stand upright" #quotes
New national poll: Trump up 43-41.... https://t.co/xKqbmNigs5
Click here and check out the latest video from the #GOPFaith Engagement project - and share! https://t.co/tDNA5PW4bl #prolife
They're the Fundamental ELEMENTS of Political Campaigns. Learn 'em...and RT & share 'em! https://t.co/WlGjmaBPLG
The Secret to Boosting Your Lobbying Efforts (It's in here!) https://t.co/Dtf9PF9DtB #tcot
WikiLeaks: Clinton Foundation Paid Women Less Than Men https://t.co/Y4C2RB8ont
2010 video shows Hillary Clinton advising on … cyber security https://t.co/JFaUSYUgKr
A majority of voters agree: The media is biased against Trump https://t.co/z5KsIvkKmC
An Establishment in Panic - (via Pat Buchanan) https://t.co/BwFIcDuzEM
Grassroots Tips: How to Manage Political Volunteers https://t.co/RhHzZ9yRxU
Soon the talking heads will be asking "Who lost the Philippines?" https://t.co/eKzXlPRUeA
"Man is not free unless government is limited" – Reagan #tcot
Have you joined the #GOPFaith campaign to mobilize conservative pro-faith voters? Click here: https://t.co/g1kJ0WMIMj #tcot #prolife
Huma Abedin implicated Clinton in foundation trade-off with Morocco amid $12 million commitment https://t.co/1rrXMtwPII
They're the Fundamental ELEMENTS of Political Campaigns. Learn 'em...and RT & share 'em! https://t.co/WlGjmaBPLG
Rejoice! Baby Boomers’ Reign Of Electoral Terror Is Coming To An End https://t.co/fTjrBv6vOs

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